SWOT for Breeder’s Mix (dog food producer)

Pet Foods, Inc. Is a major producer of dog food for show dog kennel in the US The company has prospered as a supplier of Breeder’s Mix (formulated by improving the coats of the minks) After several years of research, he noticed that the coats showed a marked improvement, and the kennel asked to use some of his food to feed the dogs, and his business was born. Breeder’s Mix dog food contains beef, liver and chicken. The fresh meat constitutes 85% and the highest quality fortified cereal of remaining 15%. The ingredients with no additives or preservatives are packaged frozen to prevent spoilage of fresh uncooked meat.

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After some discussion, the Breeder’s Mix would be packaged in 1 pound stand up pouch with 12 pouches per case. Each case costs $7. 87. Distribution through supermarkets represented a growth opportunity for Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc. Frozen dog food is sold in pet superstores, independent pet stores, natural foods grocery stores, and the Internet retailers. The food brokers represent Breeder’s Mix to supermarkets and receive 7% commission based on the price to retailers, and the supermarket receive 22% of their selling price for dog food. The company executives listened attentively to the preventatives from Marketing Momentum Unlimited.

One question that never asked was “will this program establish a foothold in the market for Breeder’s Mix” and other questions implied several sub issues.


1. Presence of multiplying ingredient helps in marketing of the product as healthy

2. Presence of permanent flavors as well as limited edition flavors catering to large audience

3. Excellent distribution and availability across stores

4. Good branding and visibility due to marketing through TV’s and print ads

5. High quality product and attractive long-lasting packaging


1.Pork based ingredient in some flavors have resulted in avoidance by people belonging to certain religion and vegetarians

2. Limited global presence and availability compared to leading snack brands


1. Opportunity to leverage usage of its existing biodegradable packaging of Sunshine and project it as a green product

2. Expanding into newer untapped emerging economies

3. More variants can help enhance brand image


1. The growth of sales of Sunshine might cause cannibalistic

2. Increasing competition

3. Changing snack food preferences of customers soot By transitive