Dolman SWOT

Dolman spends a lot of time going to help each manager. He should sit down with each each manager so that they can formulate a strategy that will help to eliminate some of those issues the managers are having.

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Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Has an enormous opportunity in front of them that they have identified. Lei has suggested that they expand to other cities and has said that they have the resources to do so. They need to make a strategic.

Operational and tactical plan so that they will know their specific goals and how they are going to go about reaching them.

This will help them figure out if one or two new stores is best for hem and where they want to open them.

I think that Dolman has hit on one of their threats. He has noticed that there are two new emerging sandwich companies that offer a service similar to theirs. They need to strategies on how they will make their company continue to stand out from any others in the market and implement their goals so they can continue to grow. I have identified what I believe are Sandwich Blitz, Inc.

Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. I think that Lei and Dolman are on the right track and Just need to make a few tweets so they can grow and expand.