SWOT Analysis Example

SWOT Analysis

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Strengths: Excluding independently owned and operated locations; Sears Domestic owns 61% of its stores. Sears owns a number of trademarks and brand names with which consumers are familiar. A one-stop shop for everything ( from clothing to tools and appliances)

Weakness: The condition of many stores, leading to a poor shopping experience. Profitability is suffering, gross margin is lower Management

– Employee staffing and training is not successful. Need room for improvement.

Opportunities: Think service ( focus on service) “Shop your way Rewards” could increase customer loyalty and give the retailer better insight on the buyers behavior. Invest more heavily in the sales staff, it would improve customers’ shopping experience and be more competitive. Cut down on certain, possibly 6, departments to focus and target. Increase the use of social media, to encourage sales.

Threats: Discount retailers such as Wall-Mart, target offer competitive products at lower prices. Brands including Commoner, Craftsman are seeing their market position eroded by increased competition from LAG, Dealt, etc. Online centers such as Amazon. Bulk sales such as Walter, Cost etc. Employee morale seemed low during our visits to the stores. Stores unkempt and sales associates seemed to lack interest and making sales. Goal: Find a solution to help Sears determines what to do next.

Could it be saved?

-To save Sears, make the necessary changes to prevent the company from losing profits.

Strategy: Remembering Grammarians (1972 math the animals children’s brand) men could benefit from this, by helping them purchase clothing.

-Focus on service and breaking it down to 6 departments.

Objective: Tactics: Sears needs to get lean, they need to make a serious investment in the stores that remain. Soot By castigators