BAG Global Associates (BAG GA) Overview

We anticipate welcoming more than 70 “C” level Commercial and Distribution artisans from client airlines headquartered in Asia and around the world. It is an exceptional opportunity for you to interact with other high level airline executives in a convivial atmosphere, in one place for two days.

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BAG Global Associates (BAG GA) is “The Network for Airline Services”, presence in 149 countries via its 91 Members. We are, by far, the worldwide leader in distribution for scheduled airlines, having introduced some 211 airlines into the 87 BSP worldwide, through the variably cosseted BIBS program (DATA BSP Consolidator System).

More than 250 airlines use at least one f the outsourced services that we have developed in our World Program – from variably cosseted introduction into BSP and ARC (for the USA), to our extensive General Sales and Services Agency practice, access to an Electronic Interline hub called BAG DIET, to TOPCOAT Fare Filing services and global Call Centre Services.

After hosting successful World Connect meetings at the Dead Sea in Jordan (2009) and in Monaco (2010), we are pleased to invite you to this exceptional annual social and informational event, where airline commercial executives, like yourself