SWOT Analysis for Emirates Airlines

Voted as the ‘Airline of the Year n 2013’, Emirates airlines have over 50,000 employees from over 160 countries are working in this company’s different sectors around the world.

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 SWOT Analysis on Emirates Airlines:


Independence is considered as one of the important strength, as resisting the temptation of mergers and acquisition with other airlines. Considered as one of the largest airlines in the world.

Flights to almost all around the world including its six continents to more than 150 cities in 74 countries by operating over 3,000 flights per week.

Entering the cargo shipping. One of the top global brands, with a fastest growth in economy without dropping 20% a year.

Provides high quality service and winning ‘Airline of the Year’ in 2013.

Diversification of Senior Management style and multi nationality staffs. Good in managing crisis. (Egg. Economic recession in 2008/2009)

Convenient Location in the Middle East with a strong cooperate culture.

Effectively managing the needs of their target audience.

Have loyal customers.

Strong management team, brand equity and financial position.

Keeps delays and inoculation too minimum.

Sponsors no of sports and festivals in the international market. Market share leadership.

Advantage of hub located in Dublin, where Dublin airport and Jibe All airport which is the largest airport in the world and considered as top tourist destination in the world it helps the companies infrastructure and facilities.

Flexibility and fast decision making.

Low emission and environment friendly practice.

The onboard kitchen is the most echo-efficient in the world and they recycle over 100 tons of paper, plastic and aluminum a month.

First ever digital windscreen system was introduced by Emirates Airlines.


Increase in oil price throughout the world. Not all diversification and approach have been successful.

Should be revised for further onset. Does not carter to many cities in US.

Competition from Middle East airlines like Edited, Qatar Airways.

Operating profit is based on low wages paid to the general workforce for duties such as baggage handlers, cleaners and caterers.


Innovation Emerging market and expansion abroad.

Personalized services.

Budget travelers.

Target more routes to fastest growing economy region.

Ventures like Disney land are attracting international communities towards Dublin using Emirates airways.

Takeovers in future benefiting the company.


Competition from rival airlines like Edited, Gulf Air Qatar Airways etc.

Low cost airlines. (Air Arabia, Jazzier Airways)

Went through ambitious expansion plans during global recession which may turn as a threat in future for the lack of concern can be taken advantage by rival companies.

Inability to recognize its demand.