SWOT Analysis for Bylaw-Bylaw Restaurant

Restaurant and Art Gallery is having uniqueness on offering exotics foods and a gallery inside the restaurant. When we are inside, we’re amazed on what we see” simply native in style, hanging different kind of mask, paper mach, a simple garden beside the restaurant, mini fugues of giant, paintings which is for sale, different sculptures, old articles and news features Perdition Vocal and the restaurant and the pantaloons area or the souvenir items. Going to Bylaw-Bylaw Restaurant is so easy because it is along the highway of Anglo, Racial. It is located at 16 Dona Justas Subdivision Phase’ Anglo, Racial.

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My favorite spot is the pantaloons corner. You can see this area beside as you enter in the restaurant. It attracts me on the word pantaloons or what we called absolving or pang saluting. This souvenir items are small fugues of heightens, mask or paper mach and the bylaw-bylaw in the bottle. My surrogates and I ordered Inlaying an Polka, Audubon I-Joke (some of the exotics foods which is available for that day) and Scanning an Baby for our lunch. I-Joke is a kind of worm that is in coconut tree or simply coconut worm. It is my first try to eat exotics foods that’s why it is so challenging to eat.

Inlaying an polka is look-a-like fried chicken but if you taste it, its like a fried fish. And, the Audubon quo is so weird Soot Analysis By Axel eating this, it’s like I’m chewing a bubble gum. It’s so hard to bite in a Title size to swallow. Signage an baby is a Filipino food that the restaurant offers. Scanning is one of my favorite foods so we also try this kind of meal in Bylaw-bylaw. If you look around, all you can see is art which is known to Anglo, Racial. All of the meals are delicious and different to other meals of some restaurant. I am satisfied on what we at and what we see on that time.

For me, it is additional unforgettable experience a in my life! One of the famous tourists spot in Anglo, Racial

* They offer services like walk-ins welcome, reservations, good for groups and for kids, take out, catering and waiter service

* With affordable price

* Good facilities

* Safety place

* A right place to have a business meeting or any event -Flow


* Not all tourists eat exotic foods

* Limited tables and chairs

* There are different art galleries in Anglo that may get the attentions of the tourists

* Not all the exotic food is available.

Limited only Bylaw-bylaw is the only restaurant that offers exotic food in Anglo, Racial

* It is featured in International Discovery Travel, Living under Bizarre Foods hosted by Andrew Simmer and in channel News Asia

* The area is being developed to improve * It is easy to go in this place


* Due to bad weather, it can be lessen in visiting the restaurant

* In the opposite side of Bylaw-bylaw restaurant, you can see the Atelier’s Museum so every tourist treated what is the first they want to visit

* The place is not air-conditioned. Tourist may irritates because of hot weather