Swot Analysis of an Ongoing or Proposed Project at Host

SOOT Analysis of an Ongoing or Proposed Project at Host Business Coleman University SOOT analysis of an ongoing or proposed project at host business This is all happened when I was working with On-semi Conductors, Phoenix, AZ as a oracle developer. To go further I need to explain about the on semi conductors and the type of products it manufactures. It Manufactures switches, audio and video amplifiers, interfaces, AC-dc controllers, drivers etc…..

As the on semi conductors have purchased a new manufacturing company in Slovakia which is having same manufacturing products as the company and it wants the other Slovakian company to be merged with in it. For this they have hired software consultants to help in implementing a new software which would help them in they account receivables, account payable, inventory of the products, payroll, order management and in some other areas. As an oracle developer my Job role is to attend meetings with the clients and getting their requirements and working with the team. The new software is ERP which is enterprise resource planning .

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The main role of this software is to urge the internal and external management information which is being used through out its organization departments like finance, HRS, customer support support sales service etc. Before to the implementation of the project a small SOOT analysis has been conducted in order check if the software can be fit in both the organization and is mentioned below Strengths: * Organization is cost advantage. * Sales are spread thorough out the nation. * They have a wide range of commercial and also government permissions. * Organization has a good reputation. No other users or employees can manipulate the company information. All the changes being done in the system of the organization can be traced out as the person who is using the system will have to login with the given user credentials, henceforth it protects the sensitive information of the organization. * All the profit, sales, inventory cost, marketing cost etc kind of the real time information can be known with in a seconds of running the software. * It will get the legality and clarity in the each and every statistical report. * Revenue being generated can be tracked easily with the cash receipts, which have been generated. Sales can be easily restated with the previous sales report with which the inventory of the stock can be maintained in the warehouses. * Company data can be stored on the servers with which it can be securely used. Weakness: * Customization according to the organization will be a problematic and a challenging role to play. * Rigorous training offering to the employees will take delays the daily operation for few days until the software is properly implemented. Soot Analysis of an Ongoing or Proposed Project at Host By sanitarium * It is a time consuming process, which requires a lot of planning.

Some time it may not be up to the expectation of the organization. * The data accuracy will not be ensured because the improper data will ensures the new software to lose the credibility and bringing the employees back to the old software. * Technical problems may pop up like bugs in the new software while merging with the existing old software when running them at a time. Opportunities: * It is a innovative software. * The organization will run smoothly with which the effectiveness and features of the business improves. * It gives excellent results in the customer service and as ell as in the manufacturing. The software will makes the organization more vigorous, so that it can withhold to the changes being made. * The software will make the organization more pliable and stable by allowing all the other departments getting strong with good coordination in them. * The statistical data can be viewed quickly time to time and necessary decisions can be take fast by the upper level management. Threats: * Employees must have experience in order to use this software or else it will be difficult for them in running the software. With which lost in data may occur.