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Indecision restaurant specific customer base are tourists and family. Indecision restaurant has unique food that make customers from other town or countries want to try. Almost 50% of consumers have visited a restaurant website. Since they do not have firsthand knowledge of the region, tourists and out- of-toners are even more likely than the average customer to surf the Internet for a good place to eat. And our uniqueness and good quality food could be attack tourist customers.

We are customer base is including all genre, a lot of customer from 17 – 40 years old, including men and women. We are location in Sydney CAB is a good location for family and tourist. Internal environment Current marketing activities and effectiveness The current marketing activities we are done for promotion and advertisement is we one for lunch special and we put advertisement on internet to attract customer. For special lunch we have promotion one main food and one soft drink Just for $10.

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We are happy with that because we get new customer from business people, on lunch we always busy for that promotion. For our advertising on internet is working. We are effective to attract customers from tourist, local tourist and international tourist. We know tourist always looking for food on internet, they want find the good food from internet because more 50% tourist find food recommendation from internet. List all sources including physical resources like equipment and furniture, human resource including skill, finance resources.

Equipment and Furniture When we to start a restaurant, we need to make some investments in setting up the infrastructure. We have equipment for kitchen and furniture for floor. In kitchen Soot for Restaurant By WeibkreuzEu1 * Commercial fridge and freezer * Commercial deep frying * Commercial gas range * Char grill * Cookware * pot * Frying pan * Sauce pan * Cake pan * Kitchen tools * Preparation equipment (knife, slices, etc) * Cook equipment (ladle, whisk, wooden spoon, etc) We pay a lot of attention in getting the flooring and lighting done.

However, it is also important to pay attention to the furniture that will be used in the restaurant. A well designed restaurant needs classy and stylish furniture to attract customers. We are using wooden tables and chairs to make it like classical. Wooden furniture look really good and they add a touch of elegance. The decor of a restaurant gives it its character. Every restaurant owner takes a lot of care in choosing restaurant furniture that can make its guests comfortable.

For d©core we keep it elegance, that using all done furniture like wall display, floor and wall. Human resources For human resources we have nine people in for kitchen staff such as one Head chef, one Souse chef, two supervisors, three line cook, and two kitchen hands. In floor staff we have thirteen people such as; one General Manager, one manager, two supervisors, two bartenders, three waiters, two runner food, one glass boy, one cleaner. For kitchen staffs they are responsible for the food and floor staffs they are responsible for service and drink menu.

Financial resources Businesses essentially need finance for the short-term and the long-term. The way in which they may raise these funds will differ a great deal and in this section we start to look at the different sources and what area of business activity they may be useful for. In Indecision restaurant we have resources from investor and loan from bank. SOOT analysts Strength * Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner * New product on the market * Great promotion such as; 50% discount for children below 8 ages and lunch promotion. Strategic location in CAB * The prices not too expensive * Unique food * Good decorating * No smoke or polluted gases produced Weakness * Just only one location Too focused (specific product) * Some regular customer’s love for smoky food Opportunities * New concept without direct competitors * Perhaps collaborate with a movie theatre to start a Dinner and a Movie package * A new target market would be business man cause close to business areas * Potential to expand and franchise Threat * Potential copy from competitors * Economic slow down * Exposed to rises in the cost of products * Exposed to rises in taxes * Price war from competitor PEST analysts Political * Tax policy * Employment laws * Government regulations regarding hygiene, health and food regulations, and food tankard. * Economic policies of government regarding the restaurant industry and running eating Joints; these may include licenses, inspections by Health and Food Ministry departments. Economic * Economic growth * Interest rates would impact the cost of capital. * Rate of inflation would affect prices of restaurant’s products Social Factor * Eating habits of the people would affect marketing decision. Culture certain food, like Muslim can eat pork and Hindu can eat beef * Ratio of people preferring to eat out regularly Technology * New machineries are usually very expensive so this would affect the restaurant enhance. * Research and Development activity for developing new products or expand the business. Marketing Strategy Marketing objective – in line with organization vision and mission statement Vision Indecision restaurant is to be Sydney best unique food restaurant experience for combination Indonesian, Asian, and western food. The best service restaurant, quick service, different taste, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.

If the business is meeting its projections by month nine, we will start scouting for a second location and develop plans for the next unit. Our five year goal is to have 3 assistants in the greater Sydney area with a combined annual profit of between and per year. Mission We offer unique dining experience with our signature dish in Indonesian fusion form in Sydney. We serve Indonesian food with the different taste, we combination Indonesian traditional food, Asian food, and western food. We want change customer mind about Indonesian food could be serving or cook in different way but we keep Indonesian food and this food will be the first Indonesian fusion food in Sydney.

This restaurant mission is we want our customer to think when they leave this restaurant ‘I like that place, I’m going to come back. Marketing mix – up of marketing Product Product is the features, advantages and benefits you offer to your target market. This includes characteristics such as quality, packaging, after sales support, customer service, etc. Indecision restaurant have product and service to give the customers. We offer our product for food and good service for customer. We are product include enter©e, main dishes, dessert and function. For enter©e we have Indonesian enter©e like (simoom, perked, stay), fusion enter©e like (dumpling, fried calamari, meat ball). For main dishes we have a lot of dishes can be serve for customer like (rending padding,

Sotto Mature, etc), and we are dessert look like (glutinous rice, peanut, sago pearl, white bread). Price The price must be high enough to cover costs and make a profit but low enough to attract customers. There are a number of possible pricing strategies, the price is very important as it determines the company’s profit and hence, survival. Adjusting the price has a profound impact on the marketing strategy. Indecision restaurant price is around $20-$40 per dish, it isn’t too expensive and isn’t too cheap. But the price is value for our product because we choose the best ingredient for our products. Also e have promotion price when lunch time for Monday to Friday. Promotion Promotion and advertisement is important for growth your company.

In Indecision also has promotion and advertisement. We offer the best price for customer (business people) on lunch time; we give Just $10 for one main dish and one soft drink. We get a good response from customer, we get good feedback for this promotion. Place The business must have a location that it can afford, and that is convenient and suitable for customers and any supplier. Indecision restaurant is open on 1 market SST, Sydney CAB, 2000. This is a strategic location for customer and supplier. In Sydney CAB a lot of public transport that make customer from other suburb can come to Indecision restaurant. Supplier is easier to delivery their product to indecision.

Legal and ethical constraints Legal Legal and administration requirements Government Legislation and Regulatory Requirement – Rowing and seminars- time restrictions * Partnership Act * Fair trading Acts * Food Acts * Liquor Acts * business license * Copyright license * Liquor license Insurance- other than public liability and workers compensation, cover for * Worker compensation * Superannuation * Fire insurance * Business interruption Burglary * Money in transit * Machinery breakdown * Fidelity guarantee Contracts- Joint Venture A Joint venture is an agreement between 2 or more parties where each party brings a different aspect to a venture with a common goal of making a profit.

It is put in place at the inception of the arrangement to ensure the roles of each party are clarified and to protect investment. There is no formal obligation to use a Joint venture agreement however it will determine the rights and liabilities to each of the party expressly and ensure that in the event of a dispute the parties can determine their rights. An agreement is of particular important when the partners or parties decide to dissolve Joint venture. Legal structure Trading name and structure- Pity Ltd * Business name is simply a name or little under which a person or entity conducts a business. In Australia ,unless you fall within an exemption, you must register your business name. He purpose of the register is to provide a way to identify the entity that is carrying on business under a business name. * A partnership is a business structure which involves 2 to 20 business owners as partners. A partnership is treated as its own business entity, rather than a number of individuals. Partnerships are covered by the Partnerships Act 1891. Partnerships have a slightly more involved setup process, as well as associated costs. Business Premises- Ownership Ownership of property may be private, collective, or common and the property may be objects, land/real estate, or intellectual property. Determining ownership in law involves determining who has certain rights and duties over the property.

Private property enabled people to receive the full benefit of their labor. Promotional Strategy and distribution Channels Promotional strategy Give discount Give discount card for the regular customer, that make them happy become our jugular customer. The discount card it will be 10% discount price from total price. We try to attract customers as much as we can. We also give discount 30% for child below 8 year old, that make parent enjoy to bring their children to our restaurant. Give movie ticket Give movie ticket for customer that can spend more than $100. We give free ticket movie for the customers. This is the way we attract new customers, we give value for new customers if they spend more than $100.

Network social reach our target demographic without spending a dime. The promotional it like who like backbone pages, follow twitter or Namespace will get free drink. Distribution Channel Internet We using internet for advertising because of we are target is tourist and family. A lot of tourists are looking for food from internet website. From internet we can offer what they want. From internet we can press budget from advertising and we can attract what we target. Newspaper and Magazine We also want put advertise on newspaper and magazine to attract more customer from business people. Business people usually read newspaper and magazine. This is a good opportunities to attract them.

For the restaurant has put the advertising plan on internet for promotion the food, in internet many people can look our website, may be they will interested what we offer, after advertise on internet running smoothly, we try advertise on newspapers and magazine. This is next step to introduce for the promotion will valuable for business people. We offer for free ticket movie for customer will spend more than $100. This way is we want to attract new customer that give them free ticket movie. For new customer they will look for the promotion, they will try the food and they get free ticket movie. The general manager will monitor the progress of the marketing plan.

What is going to be your strategy for evaluation of marketing plan? The marketing plan is a cycle that begins and ends with evaluation. The final stage in the marketing plan is to measure the outcomes of the marketing activities against the original objectives and targets. Continuous evaluation helps the marketing team to focus on modifying or introducing new activities to achieve objectives. Indecision restaurant evaluate marketing plan or marketing strategic look at; * Overall sales were this in line with objectives? Indecision restaurant target grow 30% after promotion. The sell will look for the expectation * Does your advertising and/or promotional activity produce direct responses? It should.

If the answer is “don’t know” then you’ve got some work to do. Make sure you are advertising in the right media. Choose media to suit your selected audience. Be as specific as possible. And avoid rejecting options Just because they don’t look “exciting”, such as trade journals that might have relatively small readership. * Check sales conversion rate. The best approach here is to look at the historical records and determine whether your conversion (or closure) rate has improved. “Selling” is an important part of the “marketing” function, so make sure assess Indecision success at closing the sale, rather than Just focus on generating new leads. Get colleague to provide feedback on your marketing plan.

Colleague said the marketing plan is good but have to put more promotion like unction promotion, the function promotion like give discount for function more than 50 people in one function. Provide the children toys or crayon make their parent feel comfortable with their child. The parent will bring their children to have in your restaurant. For advertisement provide more, not Just on internet, magazine and newspaper, but for brochure it will worthy because not all customers read newspaper and magazine. That are good suggestion from my colleague, I will put on the marketing plan, our target is 30% up sale after promotion, but if I do this suggestion might be increase till 50% from target.