Swot: Management and Digital Terrestrial Transmission

Quality of orgasm is not as good as compared to C & S network O – Opportunities Infrastructure can be leased out to cable and satellite channel. Digital terrestrial transmission. Regional focused channels. Allotment of time, slots to other broadcasters. T – Threats Desertion of advertisers and producers may result in loss of revenues. Due to quality of program the reach of C & S network is continuously expanding. As the C & S network need the trained staff, some employees of AD may switchover and take new bobs.

Best of the market-technology is being used by the private channels. It is suggested that the AD should adopt a middle path. It should have a mix of both the options. It should economies on its operational aspects and ensure more productivity in term of revenue generation and optimization of use of its infrastructure. Wherever, the capacities are understudied, these may be leased out to the private operations. At the same time quality and premiership of programmers should be improved.

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Bureaucracy may reduce new strategic initiatives or make the organization less transparent. Complete prevarication can fetch a good sum and may solve many of the managerial and operational problems. However, complete public monopoly is not advisable because that denies the government to fully exploit the avenue for social and public use. The government will also lose out as it will not be able to take advantage of rising potential of the market.