Swot of Google

SOOT analysis Strengths Opportunities Google is number one search engine and has established a brand name, in which its users trust. It’s dependable, reliable and fast. Google has low operation cost as it uses low cost UNIX web servers for indexing millions of web pages across internet Very little end user marketing is needed as the name itself is getting word by mouth publicity. The Google interface is simple and it gives comprehensive results without confusing its users. The user is quickly routed to the website.

Performance was improved through page caching. Google provides an interface to 88 languages to make it comfortable to search for its users in different countries Its users can benefit from using “localized search” called “Search by Location” where users can get results showing vendors, products and services nearby their areas. Google invests in research and development in order to enhance search algorithms and make searching faster, efficient and relevant. State of the art search technology is used for page indexing in order to give most updated results to its users. Google uses Pageant technology to give its user access to most important pages first. Google clearly separates relevant advertisements and actual results by giving “Sponsored Links” tab. Google didn’t complicate its website by making itself a portal; rather it kept tabs for these services on its homepage.

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And MS have which can attract users. Google is not expressing users to intended content and not censor results based on copyright. Google Inc does not usually inform Web sites that they have been penalized. It became obvious that not only software and mathematical algorithms, but also human brains in the Google headquarter could alter information processed by Google. They could choose what will go online and in which form. Dependence of some portals like AOL No long time entry barrier in this business Google’s confusing Cost Per Click ranking and charging policy could disappoint its advertisers and company would start loosing many of them. Ђ Acid competition and rivalry: Portals like yahoo provide more services and solutions with conventional search than Google do. Google would start loosing its users due to added attractions in such portals. MS is coming up with its new operating system called “Longhorn” which would be having “implicit query’ feature. Longhorn search will be able to search the web, blobs, news sources, hard drive files, email plus attachments all from a keyword search without a browser. Users will be able to search directly from already established Microsoft programs like MS word. This would handcuff users and ultimately it would harm Google’s market. Overture has been Google’s old competitor.

Though Google has acquitted more advertisers than Overture, Google’s share of market revenue lags behind overture by 20% and there is always competition for getting collaborated with well known mass-market portals like AOL, Yahoo and MS. Ђ Google’s scale might also become a liability in order to cop up with new and enhanced search techniques if company’s ability to modify its algorithms and database architecture was constrained by its server infrastructure and the size of its index. If Google comes up becoming portal, it may lose its simplicity and comprehensiveness because of which it is favorite among its users. Google can get trapped in issues regarding privacy if it decides to go for highly personalized search for which it has to capture user’s personal information.