After their selection, they invest on their different trainings according to their needs. Through this they can easily maintain their qualified and trained staff. It helps them in increasing their productivity because there employees work effectively and efficiently. 2. Biggest sale Network: ALL also have biggest sale network, which means ease in availability of product. There dealers are all over Pakistan. Through this customers attract towards them because they can easily buy their product from their own city or town. 3. Best production plant: ALL also have Best production plant which is available in SKY and CHI.

Best machinery in Pakistan is available there. Almost each and every machinery is imported from JAPAN. ALL has latest technologies in machineries. 4. Financial strong: Now Atlas Honda is also financial strong as they are running a whole group named ATLAS, so it is also a big strength. They can easily finance their business. Through it they can easily expand their business. ALL have biggest market share in Pakistan. Almost 50% of the bikes are sold by ALL in Pakistan. Peoples of Pakistan have high trust on ALL. So they prefer taking reduces from ALL. 6.

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People Trusted Products: As ALL is market leader so people have blind trust on it. Through this their market is very big. They can easily launched new products also. 7. High Quality Products: Honda products are high quality as they use high quality parts and high quality machines. They promise their customer for high quality products. 8. ISO certified: ALL is ISO certified which means that they ensure good quality and reliable products and services. There are some strategic tools that reduces cost buy increasing productivity and decreasing waste and errors. 9. Resale value: ALL products have high resale value.

This is a positive point for customer. Customer can easily sale it Honda bike at any time. Customer can sale it also at the 1 lath hour. 10. Customer care: ALL, take care of their customers as well. It also attract customer. ALL gives warranty to the customer for it products. ALL also conduct different sessions for road safety after their lectures they distribute gifts to the students. ALL gives information about traffic signs. For Green Pakistan they take different steps. 11 . Customized Parts: You can easily change some parts as per your choice. These parts are available in the hops of dealers. 12.

Brand Image: As we know that, ALL is market leader of Pakistan. So ALL has an excellent brand image. It is very beneficial, they can easily expand their business. 13. Availability of Parts: Its spare parts are available everywhere. So it is also advantage for customers. They can easily buy their needed parts from dealers shop. ALL dealers cover many parts of the country. 14. Best Delivery Process: Due to their good delivery process they can maintain their big network. They quickly deliver their products to their dealers. Due to their good delivery process, bikes are available in almost all shops.

Weakness of ALL are as follows High prices of products Slow Innovation weak Less Investment on ads 1. High Prices of products: Due to high quality products they charge high prices for their products. This is a big weakness for ALL, due to this customer shift towards other Chinese companies. 2. Slow Innovation: ALL has slow innovation process. As we know that they are only providing comfort to the customer for many years but now youth want style in their bikes, they are not providing such motorbikes. This is a big weakness for ALL. 3. Weak Their research and development is very weak.

They are not providing new innovative designs for youth. If they focus on their R & D department, than they can easily increase their profits. 4. Less Investment on ads: ALL make less investment on ads. Least number of ads are shown on TV. It is also a big weakness of ALL. Opportunities: ALL has many opportunities as follows Industry expansion Technology Upgrading Strong Position Industry Expansion: They can easily expand their industry as they are the market leaders. They also have financing source so this is not a big deal for them. They can easily expand their industry because customers easily accept their new products.

They can also do product innovation easily. Technology Upgrading: ALL can easily upgrade their technology because 30 % of the share is of Honda which is a Japanese company. They can take help from Japanese in upgrading their technologies of machineries. Strong Position: ALL has make strong position in Pakistan and now it is making its place in some other countries. ALL should also make dealers in new developed areas. It is also a good opportunity. Threads: ALL has many threads as well Chinese cheaper products challenges. Instability of Government High Rate of Taxation Bad infrastructure 1 .

Chinese Cheaper products challenges: As we know that china is super power and it is providing products is every range. Now in Pakistan they are also providing motorbikes in lesser price as compared to ALL. This is a big threat for ALL as they are covering a large market. They are mainly focusing on poor who can’t afford expensive motorbikes. 2. Strong Competition from competitors in future: As motorbikes companies are increasing so we can expect that ALL will face a strong competition in future. Now a days due to unaffordable prices people prefer low price motorbikes. 3. Instability of Government: