SWOT Strategy

SOOT Analysis President University Strengths Using English as Lecturing Media Generate Local and Foreign graduates Located in the center of Industrial Estate International Living Environment Foreign Academic Facilitator International Curriculum 6 month internship program Internship Career Center Support Provide Dormitory A lot of Scholarship Chance Provide 3,5 years graduation Weakness Newly comers university Developing infrastructure and facilities Not all faculty has A Accreditation The price is not affordable for all economic level Far from Capital City Unclear Alumni Association

Poor Library Facilities Poor Lab Facilities Poor Canteen Facilities Poor Wi If Facilities Slowness to adapt to Change Opportunities Located in the center of industrial estate Beaked, Gap, Lippy, KICK, MAMMON) Direct relationship with OPT Jabbed Reducing Cost for Study in Abroad Development of Jabbed Area is getting better every year Attract many stakeholder from industry and business area around the word The best private university in Indonesia Global Expansion Alumni works national / multinational company or create their own business Threats Quality of government university is increasing every year

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Since PU itself located in the middle of Jabbed, an industrial estate which are developing rapidly in recent 10 years and keep growing rapidly for the next decade, PU should give adaptation facility to make their customer feel comfortable. The development will cause there will be an increasing in living rate of people in Jabbed both employee and labor. This condition will trigger an increasing also in price of goods here. In long – term, the price in Jabbed will not suit into a student’s financial capacity.