Swott Analysis

Linda McKee Phoenix Recycling is accomplishing with all the legal regulations require to open recycling business. All these regulations consist on be register as a business; get the air permit for process, land survey for environmental commission, and the impact of environmental due to process. After the revision made for the different departments who approve the permits recommendations and changes are perform as was recommended.

At the beginning of operations certain changes was made, as relocation of material and move of certain products with different process. Some of these changes cost money to the business and reduce the cash on hand; this money was look as investment not loss. The expense for this type of permits and unexpected changes hits on our balance of operations economical resource.

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Changes on Laws and regulation are require to be follow by the Phoenix Recycling before to be enforced, the legal department is aware on all the new requires and regulations on this type of business and look to accommodate the requirements according the needs of the business. On legal aspects and regulations the company tries to be according the standard and accomplish to avoid fees, close of business or tit for not to be according of the requirements set by government.

Phoenix Recycling understand the importance of the innovation for all the areas inside the company, everything changes inside brings results outside of the company. Constantly the technology and process of production makes changes the trend of business can be more than projected, or deliveries can exceed our expectations. Innovate can be short term or long term depends on how the economy left the business work, not necessary need to be every month or every year. In most of the Shoot Analysis By Reclamation results expect by the business. Every change is go.