Talent development

SEEM Evolution Program Fall 2012- ‘Allen Best Practices Effective Talent Development Establish a Talent Development Plan Make the most of what you have element Target a small number of key Kips in the business Identify critical roles and critical talent Develop talent pathways and succession plans Focus your development budget on critical roles and people A case study – AS CEO’ philosophy: “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will. Company Philosophy Experience needed for development Low turnover Niche positions Ђ Coaching Ranked # 1 Detailed skills database Employees say: Knowledge Worker… Empowered… Intellectually Alive… Dynamic modeling of work scenarios Dedicated “Talent Networks” A Case Study Ramie owns a local electronics services company. Although his business is financially successful and technicians are paid competitively, Ramie is not able to retain his staff for long.

He found out that they are quitting due to lack of skills development. What should be Ramie’s first priority? TO-DO List Plan for your required Talent 2. Attract and hire the right Talent 3. Develop the skills and competencies of your Team 4. Retain and nurture your Culture and Organization through your People Potential. Com Quote Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade? Benjamin Franklin What defines Talent Development? How would you define Talent Development ?

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Definition of Talent Development Talent Development is preparing your employees for current and future SUCCESSES How does Tanat translate Into Test practices Engage your employees in Training Programs Nurture their Skills and Competencies Focus on having a High Performance Organization Ђ Implement a comprehensive Talent Development Program The Google Culture: People make the company Smart and determined people Ability over experience Global: Multicultural, multilingual Ranked # 2 Google’s “Caricature” program : One-on-one career coaching and guidance Personal and professional development Employees say: Google is a place you can call home 1 . Start by defining your Talent Development Strategy 2. Make sure it is linked to your Business Strategy 3. Then move to implementing training programs No one respects a talent that is concealed. Desires Erasmus How do you Develop Talent? What type of development are you providing your employees with?

Top performing companies build loyalty to an employee the same way a consumer brand builds loyalty to a product How to Develop Talent Act as a role model Reinforce the value of learning Build sustainable processes to support development Reinforce shared values Leverage problems as opportunities for real world learning and development Talent Developers should know: Turn Talent Development What makes high potentials “tick” Why high potentials need a different framework Ђ That high potentials are intense, complex, and driven That high potentials are not motivated by the same perks as others What it takes for high potentials to thrive and succeed Why top talent leave their organizations Batty works hard at creating an employee-centric culture Conducts daily training Ranked #8 30-40 minutes training sessions called STARS The content is prepared by a “Batty” head and shared across the offices each day Batty also received the People and Culture of the Year Award at the Gulf Capital Someone Awards Mammal manages a financial services company. To remain competitive in the market, she’s investing in new financial tools and solutions Do you think she should limit her talent development program to these new financial tools only? Assess your current Talent Development Program Define future programs you need to develop Build a database of your most talented people and/or your high potentials Tailor your programs to the current and future skills and talents Let the path be open to talent. Napoleon Bonaparte Who is involved in Do you get involved in developing your Team? Do you monitor and measure Talent Development effectiveness?

Talent Development Responsibility As the company leader, You are the top person in charge of Talent Development However, your Managers are also in charge of leading Talent Development But at the end of the day, each Employee is in charge of his/her own Talent Development Outline the principles and the philosophy of the talent development strategy Engage your management team in the talent development strategy formulation Agree with your management team on key priorities Assess the ROI of the development plans Feeder’s P-S-P or “people-service-profit” philosophy Ђ Purple Promise Award (PA) recognizes a team member who goes beyond expectations Hundreds of free online courses available to develop skills and talents 1 . Meet with your managers to better define Talent Development needs 2. Identify focused short-term programs to develop more immediate skills 3. Define longer term talent development programs to address future business requirements 4. Measure the effectiveness of the Talent Development Program 5. Link results to rewards and incentives Control your own destiny or someone else will Jack Welch When do you apply Talent Development?