Talking to Parents about Child Development

Talking to Parents About Child Development Jim Agreement Child Development; March/April 2007 This article explains that the Job of a child is to learn all about the world and completely develop into the very best person that he or she can be. We all know that child development is very complicated. Good caring practices, environments, activities, and the expectations of children and teachers are designed to promote and foster each child’s development.

The author explains that children are born to be palpable little scientists that will explore the world through all their senses. They also are programmed to connect with and learn from the people around them. The article separates the child’s Job of full development into five areas: 1. Making sense of the world: The task of separating out and sorting through sensations begins at birth. To a newborn baby, the world is not yet completely differentiated by sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. . Learning to communicate fully: starting with cries and eye contact and eventually developing into language and expressing their feelings. . Discovering and developing all bodily powers: Babies begin to hold their heads up, discover their hands, develop their grasp, and creep around the room. Later those bodies will walk, run, climb, playing sports, etc. 4. Understanding how everything works: Curiosity is a powerful human trait and young children are born with a drive to discover. 5.

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Deeply connecting with people: by forming bonds with caretakers first and eventually relationships, followed by feelings of empathy and love. Finally, the author recommends for adults to provide the necessary environment such as areas for rejects and investigations, or by setting up building areas or cooking areas to help them really excel at the Job of development. I agree with this article 100%. All children have a Job. Their Job is to live their lives, learn about the world, and develop into the very best people that they can be.

As they travel through childhood, children explore the sensations, people, things, relationships, and the elements and forces of the natural world. All they need is people who offer them a safe, rich world at their fingertips, knowledge, support, and love! I also agree with the author when he says hat the exploration of a new world and testing new powers is not always easy. They will get in trouble while doing their Job because it is part of the Job description.

And that is why adults must support each child in his or her Job. We need to be patient and encourage their innate sense of adventure. After reading this article I will scan my classroom and my house to make sure that I’m providing to my children with all the elements and environments the need to do their Job. Hence, completely develop into the very best person that they can be! Talking to Parents about Child Development By approachability