Target audience

Another technique that used throughout the piece is assertion. Phrases are used such as “a run down of its features reads like a list of essential lifestyle tools” and “the ‘friendly’ headlamps.” This technique is very effective as the reader’s associate fact with informative writing, so we begin to believe that what the article is telling us is true, making the reader see the new Nissan Micra as a necessity. “On top of this,… a breeze”, this is a massive assertion as driving around the city is very difficult, you get very hot and bothered and the majority of the time you are travelling in a straight line, so power steering is irrelevant.

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“It’s curvy… such an individual”, this is personifying the car and asserting the complexity and style of the car, whereas it is a matter of opinion. In addition this statement is connecting with the target audience as the car is all what they wish to be “curvy”, “intelligent”. Also the article subtly is pushing displaying itself as the best in its class “largest luggage space” this is a subtle comparison to the other cars within its class and has the effect of making it seem that this car is superior.

Another technique used in the piece is repetition. It repeats the word “Micra” throughout the piece, which has the effect of brainwashing the reader as the word is repeated so many times, they remember it, making he or she more likely to purchase the car. In addition it repeats “girls” throughout the piece to further latch onto the intended user.  To captivate its readers’ attention and persuade them to buy the product, advertisements often include lots of visual features and many are included in this article. The picture which is the focal point of the advert is of a young attractive woman with the long legs and a short skirt walking towards her door at night, with a vivid blue Nissan Micra guiding her there with its lamps.

This is used as then the reader believe by buying the car, they will be as attractive as she. Also, the vivid blue on a dark background is very eye-catching and it draws the reader’s attention to the advertisement. In addition it is very symbolic of good + evil; the car being a force of good; with its bright colours and the alleyway is sinister. In the bottom right hand side, there is a picture of some beautiful lips with lip-stick the same vivid blue as the car and underneath is the slogan, “DO YOU SPEAK MICRA?” This is used as the readers then associate the owner of a Nissan Micra with beauty, thus tempting them to buy the car.

There are also several other pictures along the top of the focal point picture and these have the effect of confirming what the advert has already stated. For example, it says that the “friendly headlamps” will guide you to your door and in the picture it shows them clearly doing that. Also, there is a picture of the intelligence key, which is the same vivid blue as the car and the lips so it again draws the reader’s attention and confirms the advertisement’s message, making the reader more likely to purchase the car.

Overall, I feel that this advert is very effective at reaching out to its target audience: the young, attractive, woman with a high income. The title “Gadgets For Girls” immediately appeals as it is latching onto a market that has been previously neglected and it is reversing the stereotype of vehicles being for men, also it is very memorable. It lists many features that will appeal to women such as the large boot space for their shopping “For those… in the boot”, this has the effect of giving the reader a green light or overspending; pushing the idea that it is fine to overspend on the new “Nissan Micra” .

Also, it uses many linguistic features such as neologism and repetition to make the reader remember the Nissan Micra and associate it with being modern and therefore want to buy it. This is because it clearly captivates the reader’s attention with its eye-catching pictures and its use of such a vivid blue. Also, it uses many visual features to make the reader associate the owner as being beautiful such as the focal point picture and therefore making them purchase the car to be one of these beautiful owners. It is likely that the advertisement would be successful in making its readers want to buy the car.