Tea industry

Company Profile McLeod Russell world’s largest tea plantation Company, accounting for 8% of Indian’s total tea production and 2% of the world’s tea production. McLeod Russell has been growing tea in India since 1869. They manage 47 tea estates in the Assam Valley, 6 tea estates in the Doors region of West Bengal, 3 factories in Vietnam and 6 estates in Uganda and we have management control of the world renowned Gibbous estate in Rwanda. It is undisputed the single largest private sector tea company in the world with 39,358 hectares globally under plantation with 64 estates (48 in Assam, 6 in West

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Bengal), 3 estates in Vietnam, 6 estates In Uganda and 1 estate In Rwanda with a total production capacity of 103 MN kegs. The Company primarily produces crushed, torn and curled (CT) tea, which accounts for more than 90% of its production: the rest of the tea manufactured by the Company comprises the Orthodox variety Every year their estates produce approximately 100 million kilograms of black tea, which is marketed worldwide and posses a trained and experienced workforce of 87,000 employees, making it the single largest tea Industry employer In the world in the private sector.

As the largest Indian tea exporter it maintains strong connections with buyers in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Their average export of 24 MN goof teas from India represents about a quarter of Scam’s total tea export, one of the most respected teas globally. McLeod Russell has a number of internationally recognized accreditations and certifications Including Fair-trade, Rainforest’s Alliance and HACK. A part of the B. M. Callahan Group, the company was earlier part of Eveready Industries India Ltd, until Its subsequent demurrer In CAGY.

Over the years, MRS. has hoses the path of inorganic growth by acquired five quality tea companies in order to improve quality and quantum of its output 2005 – In July 2005, the company acquired Broiler Tea Holdings Limited from the Major family based in England and took over the 17 tea gardens of Its Indian subsidiary Williamson Tea Assam Ltd. The company had decided to venture Into the tourism sector to keep Its options open with regards to tie-ups with hospitality chains. 2006- The company acquired the Doom Doom Tea Company. 2007 – Further the Company acquired the Moran Tea Company.

After that it becomes largest tea company in the world. Companies Tea division directly employs over 100,000 people, a large number of whom are women. 2008 – On 22nd Feb. 2008, shareholders of the company approved the scheme of amalgamation of The Moran Tea Company India with Mcleod Russell India with requisite majority. In March 2009, Broiler Tea Holdings Limited, U. K. , acquired 100% of the Charter Capital of PH Ben Tea Company Limited In 2010, Broiler acquired the Renoir Tea Investments Limited from James Finial International Tea Holdings Ltd. Based in the united Kingdom.

In February, 2011 Broiler took over management control of Gibbous Tea Company Limited n Rwanda In 9th May 2011, Broiler Tea Holdings Limited set up a wholly owned subsidiary In Dubbed under the name of ‘McLeod Russell Middle East DEMO. The China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Astrakhan, Kenya, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sir Lankan, Netherlands, AJAX, I-J and ASSAI. McLeod Russell market capitalization strengthened from RSI. 282 cry in 2005 (following the demurrer) to RSI. 2970 cry at the close of 2011-12, making it one of the most valuable tea plantation companies in the world.