Television and in magazines

Both types of advertising are obviously effective, otherwise the companies that want to promote their products, would not put their money into advertising on the television and in magazines. Although, with all of the available techniques that can be used on the television, I think that television adverts are more effective. There are similarities and differences between television adverts and magazine adverts. The similarities are, that they are both trying to do the same thing. That is to persuade us, the consumer, to buy their products. Another similarity, is that they both use persuasive language to promote their products.

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The two mediums of advertising also use celebrities to help the image of their products. There are more differences between them, than there are similarities. One difference is that television advertisements, have the advantage of using special effects and techniques, to perfect their products, and catch our attention. Magazine adverts can still use certain effects, but they are restricted. Another difference, is that television advertisements are normally over in no more than ten seconds. Whereas, magazine advertisements are permanently in the magazine, and are there to look at for a long as you want. This is an advantage for the magazines, because people will be able to go back to the advert, any time they want. But it could also be an advantage for the television advertisements, because the advertisements might leave a sharp and short message, which can be easily remembered.

A disadvantage for the magazines, is that they are not seen by a wider audience. This is because, the advertisements are only seen if you go out and buy the magazine. Whereas, most people already have a television, and see the adverts. Weighing up all of these points, I still think that television advertisements are more effective. This is because they have the capacity, to reach millions of prospective customers in an instant.


Advertising plays a crucial role, in the profits and developments, of income for companies. Advertising comes into play, when there are different companies, all trying to sell the same types of products. It is obvious that advertising is successful. For example, Rimmel makeup is seen as more glamorous and trendy than boots makeup. This is because Rimmel products are always being advertised, and so they are more widely known and accepted.

Advertisers are very clever, in the way that they target people’s insecurities and desires. It is hard nowadays, to escape all the advertising in modern society. As a result of my examination of two types of media advertising, I have defiantly come to the conclusion that advertising is a very successful business. Although sometimes, I do think that the media can be over used. The advertisement of new toys for children, etc, can cause conflict. This is because the parents are always being pressurised, into getting the latest fashions for there children. It can also put pressure on teenagers, because we have to try and keep up with the latest trends and advertised products. Advertisements are very powerful, and can strongly influence or actions, without us even being aware of it. New, and even more effective techniques of persuasion, are being developed all the time.