The advert is for motor cars

On the advert there are no other techniques that have been used such as sex appeals etc. I think that they have done this to get you looking at the cars and not looking at the model, half naked on the car or in the background. Overall the effectiveness of the advert is not very good because in the 1950’s at that time printing adverts had colour to print in but it was very expensive so most things had to be printed in black and white. Also most things had to be drawn free hand in pencil because computers and other technology such as cameras had not yet been invented. Second Advert Again the advert is for motor cars.

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The brand name for it is ‘Vauxhall’. This advert was made in 2003. My first impressions for the advert were that it looked very colourful which is very effective and there was a good use of slogans and also a good use of logos. On the advert there is a good use of colour from different tone and colours. They have used colour because colour catches the eye and catches the reader’s attention. The typography that has been used is sans-serif. I think that this type of typography has been used because it suits the advert. I think that it suits the advert because of the way that the advert is set out.

On the advert there has been some use of lighting on top of the cars. You can see this under the car where there is a shadow. I think that they have used this because it gives the advert some effect. On the advert there are quite a few images of motor cars. They have used this because this shows you some of the cars that you could be purchasing. Again on the advert there are no models promoting the cars because I think that they don’t have to promote the advert with models because it already looks good and if there was a model in the background or somewhere then the overall effectiveness would go.

I think this because if a model was on the page then the attention would be drawn away from the cars and to the half naked models lying on the cars or in the background. Also Vauxhall is a well respected car brand and is more a family car company so people buying family cars wouldn’t want to see naked models on the cars that they are thinking of buying because it takes their mind off buying the car and they end up focusing on the model on top of the car. The slogan for the advert is ‘Your turn’.

I think that this is very effective because I think that it is saying that it has shown you the cars that are on display and then its saying that now you’ve seen the cars its your turn to try them out and go down to the shop and have a look. I also think that this is a very effective and catchy slogan. I also think that this addressing the reader personally by saying that it’s your go now. There is other text on the page in small print at the bottom telling you some background information about the company and also a few contact details.

The contact details at the bottom are in bold. I think that they have done this so that when you are trying to find their number you don’t have to read al the small print, you can just look at the print and read it with ease. Linking the advert to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I think that this advert comes under self-esteem. I think this because of the cars that are on the page are if you have one then, then you will defiantly be respected by others and it will also give you self-confidence.

Overall I think that the effectiveness of the advert is very good because at the time that it was made, 2003, people had the technology to use colour and can be able to use images in certain ways. Explain The Differences and Similarities In The Ways Which Products Are Advertised. From analysing the two different adverts I have found out that the modern day advert is interesting, catches your attention and is overall more effective than the old advert.

For instance my first impressions when I put the two adverts together were that the new one was more effective than the old advert due to colour, typography, lighting, the use of images, models, slogans, other text on the page and the overall effectiveness. Although the advert was made in the 1950’s they didn’t have any of the printing technology and there was also a lot of text on it for an advert. However m any people do believe that the advert was produced at a good standard for the time of era.