The advert sets out

The advert sets out, to pass off the 506 estate as both a big family estate and a fashion statement, its purpose is to advertise and sell the 406, the advert has a vast audience this is because the advert claims the car has so many uses, such as a work horse a people carrier and a ‘boys’ toy. I think the advert says ‘this isn’t just a car, this is statement’ it is telling you that you NEED the car, and that is what you want in an advert the advert maintains this tone all the way through and leaves you with a taste of what the 406 is really all about.

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The photographer Alex Sumner who features in the advert is a fashion photographer, in the clip, you follow Mr Sumner’s journey to the location of the shoot, however the journey turns out to be almost the perfect road test .The journey shows the cars performance on all different types of terrain, from motorways, which are good, to show off the cars speed to ‘s’ bend which show off the cars grip and suspension in tight corners.

Whilst on the journey you see a lot of different camera angles in use, for example the close ups on the 406 badge and the car interior. You see tracking shots of the car whilst it is on the move and there is pleasant music in the background, the chorus to the song playing is ”open up your heart’. The interior is on show at the time when the camera angle is next to Mr. Sumner driving you can see the dashboard and the dials etc in the front cabin.

The opening scene in the advert shows Mr. Sumner in a caf� reading a newspaper. The screen cuts several times in the style of a camera and there is non diagetic sound FX of a camera, this is relative because Mr. Sumner is a respected fashion photographer and is well known and respected in the public eye. Mr. Sumner was specifically chosen in relation the aim of the advert to show the 406 as a fashion object and not just a car. When text flashes upon the screen saying ‘Alex Sumner’ fashion photographer this immediately make you think that what ever the product is it must be good if there is a fashion photographer features in it.

There is a great piece of footage on the motorway, it shows the 406 traveling faster than all the surrounding cars, this is to try and show off the cars speed and make the car seem as if it ‘Dominates’ the road. The use of a high angles shot is ideal as you can see the surrounding cars as well as the 406 so you are able to compare the 406 with the others. The effect of this is that all other cars are in some way not up to standard and out of date and if you don’t have the 406 so will you be out of date.

The journey on all different types of terrain are all deliberately chosen for e.g. On ‘s’ bends you see a close up of the tires to show you them ripping the road. And how well the car copes with extreme corners also you see shots of the cars front right corner showing you how little roll the car has as the car is maneuvering through these bends you hear non diagetic sound if Mr. Sumners voice telling you how well the car handles, he says ‘ the car handles so well because of its ‘mulltilink’ suspension’ and then personalizes it by saying ‘well that’s what the guys at Peugeot said, to me and you that’s what makes the ride so amazing. the effect of this is that the advert is kept personal and personal makes you build trust, and if Mr. Sumner says it rides well then it must do.

When the journey nears its end you get a chance to see how the car proves with city driving and narrow streets ,at this point in the advert Alex starts to tell us of the safety features of the car e.g. seatbelts ,air bags and the cars braking system this all coincides with Mr. Sumner having to come to a complete stop in next to no time as people move some furniture across the road. the camera angles show he outside of the car at fuirst so you can see how responsive the car is. Next the camera angles whow the inside