The analysis about the GM General Corporation

No matter the forward logistic or the reverse logistic, especially for the recycling industry, people should use a lot of professional skills to handle the car accessories. For those waste or the out date products, people should use the advanced technologies to reuse them again, which can help the corporations to save costs and it is good for the environment. With the further demands of the technology and the professional skills, people will surely have more demands in the future. The reverse logistic includes the returned logistics and the waste materials logistics.

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For the returned logistic, it means to get back the accessories which are not pass. If the consignees think the products are not good, they can send the products back to the factory and then the manufactures can repair them and then sell them again. Besides, they can also take the accessories out of the car and then sell them again. For the not passed cars, it does not mean all of the accessories are not good. Sometimes it may due to the technology of some of the other things; the car is not made perfect. But if people can separate the accessories from the cars, they may be able to get the profits again.

And for the waste materials logistic, it says that people can reuse the wasteful products again. For example, if the car has been used many years or even over their life circles, they may end of their life circles and cannot be used any more. However, on the basic of some studies, the life circle of the car accessory may be longer than the car themselves. In the past, especially in the developing countries, people may not pay much attention to the recycling of the products, which give rise to a lot of waste and do some harm to the environment.

What is more, there are many reasons for the reverse logistic in the auto manufacture industry. Firstly, the bad quality of the accessories may be the key factor in creating the reverse logistic. As the car is made by thousands of accessories, if people do not have better controls of their quality, they may bring a lot of disasters to the products. Even a small accessory can play a big impact on the whole car. Therefore, nowadays, more and more car producers focus more on the selection of the car accessory.

If the car factory finds that the certain accessory is not good quality, they can return them back to the auto manufacture, which can help people a lot in ensuring the quality of the products. Secondly, the government also makes some rules and regulations about the auto manufacture industry. Since the safety of the cars does really play a very important role in the society, the government should make some controls about it. By the reverse logistic, people can know the sources of the products, which can be tracked if there are any problems.

Thirdly, the demands of the recycling systems create the reverse logistic. The main body of the cars is made by the Fe and Aluminum, which can be reused again. Besides, if people take some measures to deal with the batter, tires and so on, people can also use them again. According to some surveys, if people can recycle a car, they can save 1 ton oil. What is more, if people can maximize the utilizations of the recycling products, they can reduce nearly 45% pollution to the natural environment, which is good for the human beings and the next generation.

And it is the human beings’ responsibility in protecting the natural environment and the earth. The recycling economy is very related to the reverse logistic. When talking about the forward logistic, they may tend to the single and direct economy. But for the reverse logistic, they are more like the recycling economy, which mean the products can be used not only for once. If the products can be used more, it can help the manufactures to reduce the costs. Besides, as the pollution becomes more and more severe in the 21st century, people should consider more about the issues and try their best to deal with the issues.

Secondly, it can help to promote the sustainable economy. Many professors point out that the industry does really help to maximize the profits a lot. However, it does also bring a lot of pollution and disasters to the natural environment. As the time passed by, the world may be polluted a lot, which must affect people’s health. But if people can make good use of the sustainable economy, they can use the least resources to make the biggest profits. All of these are good for the human beings and the next generations, which may be the latest trend later.

Furthermore, it is very associated with the ecological economy. For example, if people bring something bad to the environment, they should invest some money in repairing the environment again later in order to provide a clean environment for the human beings. And many researches show that it will cost people much money if they continue to pollute first and then repair. Thus, it is wise to make some controls about the products before putting them into the market. For example, if the tires of the cars are good, they can save the fuel, which is good to the environment.

However, if the car uses some bad quality tires, they may need to consume more fuels, which produce a lot of pollution gas to the atmosphere. Thus, people can see nowadays lots of car corporations are focusing more on the promotional of the green cars, as they can be good for the sustainable development. With the advanced technology and the complete systems, people can have more different kinds of ways in checking the accessories of the cars, which can ensure the good quality of the accessory.

Since the car industry is the core part in the GDP of China, it is very necessary to develop them better in the future, which can help a lot in bringing more business. And it can help to check the sources of certain products, which give people more guidance on how to select the car parts next time. Besides, the recycling process also help a lot in providing more job opportunities to the society. The GM General Corporation, is one of the biggest cars manufacturers in the world, which is becoming more and more popular. It was built in 1908 and it grows stronger and stronger. Besides, it has entered the Chinese market more than 90 years.

In the GM General Corporation of Shanghai was built in 1997 and it has two owner, one is the GM General Corporation and the other is the Shanghai Car industry Group. With the strong funds supports and the advanced technology, the Company has a lot of customers and is very popular in the market. The SWOT analysis can help people to know more about the organizations, which can motivate them to create better ideas. And the SWOT analysis is mainly including four parts, namely the strength, weakness, opportunity and the threat, by which people can be able to make some evaluations about the corporations.