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In 1870s, as Japan emerged from over 300 years of feudal isolation, a young entrepreneur, Yataro Iwasaki, formed a small shipping company named the Tsukumo Shokai. After some name changes this company became Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company in 1875, which was the root of the joint Mitsubishi companies of today. (MITSUBISHI MOTORS, 2007) Mitsubishi consist a large number of independent companies. The names of most companies contain the word “Mitsubishi” and many of the companies use the three-diamond Mitsubishi mark.

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The number of companies with “Mitsubishi” in their names existing worldwide is around 400, but there are also hundreds of Mitsubishi companies that do not have “Mitsubishi” in their names. This report will look at Mitsubishi Motors, which automotive tradition goes back to 1917, where was introduced Japans first series-production automobile – the Mitsubishi Model A. Over the next twenty years the company established themselves as an innovator, developing, amongst others, Japans first diesel engine, its first large-sized bus, its first four-wheel drive passenger car model, and its first diesel-powered truck.

However, Mitsubishi Motors became an independent company in 1970 when the automobile division was spun off from Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, producing cars, trucks and buses for over thirty years. In 2003 the company was reborn as the new Mitsubishi Motors – a manufacturer focused in passenger cars. According to Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. Mitsubishi cars provide a unique blend of spirited performance, inspired design, and durability. It continues to build cars for those seeking a driving experience that’s all too rare in today’s world.

For those confident individuals who refuse to settle and who are searching for a car so responsive it goes beyond transportation to become an extension of themselves. Cars that actually feels different from the first time you turn the key and come with a built-in confidence that continues year after year, mile after mile. In addition, Mitsubishi has achieved success in rallying and off road motor sport all over the world, proving the reliability and durability of its cars.

Record breaking performances include winning the Dakar Rally ten times and the World Rally Championship for drivers four times in sequence. Mitsubishi are best known for their clever technology, exceptional reliability and excellent build-quality. Customers and governments in a similar way are placing ever more stringent demands on car manufacturers to improve fuel consumption, and to lower exhaust emissions from engines. Mitsubishi is at the forefront of the movement to constantly improve efficiency, offering a range of high-technology engines that optimise economy and emissions.