The current advertising strategy

The current image of Levi’s jeans is a very stylishly advertised product with the emphasis on the younger generation of buyers. Their most recent slogan is ‘twisted to fit’ – this gives the impression that they will fit very snugly and almost have been made to fit you (the customer) personally. This would mean that the product was individually made and not mass-produced as it actually is. The current TV advert has (seemingly) normal teenagers standing around at a petrol station, not looking as if they are doing anything of interest, but then one of them touches another’s finger and it curls back against normal joint movement. Then a series of these peculiar things happen, culminating in a young girl twisting her head around 720 and then spinning back quickly. Although this final scene can spoil the atmosphere as it is quite obviously computer imagery. They then all pile into a van and drive off and the Levi’s jeans logo and slogan comes into view. The picture then fades to black.

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This is a particularly effective advert because it starts with tranquillity and then a series of extraordinary things happen, which captures your eye and makes you watch on to see what happens. This ‘twist’ also implants the advert in your memory as it is also a visual pun – the joints of the people are ‘twisting’ and so have the jeans been ‘twisted to fit’. The jeans image is very much of a higher-class jean – they have a reputation of being good quality but fiendishly expensive (although really they are not that highly priced.)

How I would change the image of Levi’s jeans I would change the image to better suit older people. This would include puns etc to try and make them remember the advert more. My target audience would be to try and appeal to over 40’s businessmen, because they are normally quite wealthy and we could raise the price of the jeans to make them look like a better quality jean (people often think that higher prices means better product.) This would be aimed at males mostly, as they buy jeans a lot.

I would interest them by making them remember John Wayne and Clint Eastwood (the western stars) as they were around in the target audience’s time and they wore jeans frequently. By doing this I would bring back the ‘traditional’ look of Levi’s jeans and people would remember the jeans once again as a ‘classical’ product. This would also link Levi’s jeans to casualness and weekend wear. How is your advert going to sell your product in a different way to a different audience?

The target audience would have grown up with Levi’s jeans; the logo and the image is something they would instantly recognise. However they might feel they have grown out of the product or they might feel that the jeans outgrew them in their current advertising strategy. They would need to be reminded about casual wear and weekends as they often wear suits in the week. By advertising my way they would remind the target audience about how Levi’s jeans are a good casual product. By using the figure of John Wayne in the advertising they would give the target audience an image of how an older man can still look stylish and strong and sure of himself.