The Development of an Intergrated Information Management

Carrey Drills Rogers The Development of an integrated information management system The developments of an integrated management system consist of four external and six internal considerations.

The six Internal considerations are “organizational purpose, organizational planning, organizational operations, human resources, technological resources and financial resources” (Ketene, Allan, & Bacon, 2002), are within the management system to comprehend all planning, organizing, and directing functions, not only are the internal considerations there to comprehend all of the above, but they are also in place to understand the control mechanisms, evaluation and reporting procedure.

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The internal functions act as a union to keep the family running smoothly with no problems. Now the “four external considerations are economic, sociological, political and technological” ( Ketene, Allan, & Bacon, 2002), they are there to make sure that everything within the system is running exactly the way it should ND that it is not causing any kind of storage and data analysis conflicts. Both considerations reflect the identification architectural components like resources, standards, services, activities.

Each will have its effect by influencing the principles, vision and helping shape the human service organization. The directives of the information management system are the pieces of information that contain the organizations policies, opportunities and compliances. IM is defined as the planning, directing, organizing, controlling, and reporting of information to meet the needs of he clients and corporation.

This kind of management is important to human service organizations, because it allows them to have complete control of the information that is coming in to be stored and then being used to complete all work. Reference: Ketene, P. , Allan, & Bacon,. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. The Development of an Integrated Information Management System By what’s