The Development of China in the Past

China as one of the two largest and fastest growing economies in the world has experienced great changes and development. This development is reflected in many fields, such as economy society’s science technology, educations culture and so on. This essay is going to talk about the 20 years’ development of China in three main aspects: economy, society and science technology. Firstly, the growth of Chinese economy over the past 20 years is remarkable. According to Knight. 12, the develop rate of Chinese economy is more than ten per cent per year in the past 20 years, this rate is far more quickly than most other countries. Besides, a report from National Bureau of Statistics of China n. D. Shows that the per capita income of urban residents is increasing as well, from 2337 Yuan in the year of 1993 to 24565 Yuan in 2012. But the income level is still very low compared with developed countries, and the gap between urban area and rural area is still very large. Secondly, the society of China is more stable and prosperous.

The first should be mentioned is the infrastructure construction, which is very backward 20 years ago, is now very advanced and comfortable, such as high-speed rails, subways, hospitals and schools. Then is the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, the hole society is developing through a more CEO-friendly way, people’s environmental protection awareness also increased. In addition, the public welfare of China also developed a lot, such as new healthy police and rescinding agriculture tax, these all have prompted the development of Chinese society.

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Lastly, the science technology of China also experienced qualitative leap. From the completion of South-to-North water diversion project to the fulfillment of the Three Gorges Dam, and from the successful launching of Snowshoe Series Manned Spacecraft to the first Aircraft Carrier came into use. These all reflected the huge development of the science technology of China in the past 20 years, which cannot be imaged several decades ago. These were the results of more invest in science technology and education, the government knew the importance of technology.

In conclusion, the development of China in the past 20 years should be confirmed, no matter in the area of economy, society or science technology. The rate was fast and the change was huge, but what cannot be ignored is that the gap between the developed countries such as UK and China is still very large. The government of China need more efforts to reach. We believe that China’s tomorrow will be better. Reticence 1 . Knight, J. 2012. China’s remarkable economic growth, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2. National Bureau of Statistics of China n. D. , China Statistical Yearbook, China Statistics Press.