The Development of Education in Bahrain

Connection Generations – Education The kingdom of Bahrain has been known for its well developed and up-to-date educational system. This system has gone through a number of significant changes during the last 30 years. These changes have been triggered by the continuous growth of the national income and the speedy cycle of globalization. In this essay, three aspects will be highlighted as regards the development of education in Bahrain over this specified period. One key change that has affected the delivery of education at Bahrain schools is the laity of teachers.

Because of the urgent need for teachers in the asses, the Ministry of Education had to hire teachers with the minimal academic requirements. This does not negate, though, that a good Job was done by that generation of teachers. Today’s Bahrain teachers, in contrast, are more academically prepared. In order for them to be employed, they need to have a university degree and experience in dealing with learners and teaching aids. Their IT skills, for example, have made them better users of cutting-edge learning technology, which led to better understanding of students’ needs.

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Another important factor that distinguishes today’s education is the range of subjects taught at schools. Then, in the sass’s, only a few subjects were taught. Arabic, Mathematics and Islamic were the core subjects. The present generation of students, on the other hand, are introduced to a wider range of subjects such as IT, English, French, Physics, biology and chemistry. This has resulted in a more educated and cultivated generation of graduates who would supply the Job market with more advanced competencies and skills.

The school facilities have also expanded considerably. A generation ago, students and teachers worked in classes with no air-conditioning. They used chalks and blackboards for writing and drawing. However, with the ongoing advancement of industry, especially in the technological side of it, students and teachers work in a totally different environment. Apart from air-conditioned classes, smart boards and the Internet are used now as essential tools of learning at schools. Students have access to well-equipped laboratories and digital libraries.

Consequently, students’ learning, engagement and motivation have increased substantially. To sum up, education in Bahrain has improved vastly over the last three decades. There are a number of aspects that have caused this change such as the quality of teachers, the variety of subjects taught, and the learning environment and facilities. The effects of such educational development have been better teaching and learning. The Development of Education in Bahrain By Ghanaian 2