The Development of Greek and Roman art, architecture

The Development of Greek and Roman art, architecture, culture and its Influence on the history of European art and culture through the centuries By fatsos The Development of Greek and Roman art, architecture, culture and its Influence on the history of European art and culture through the centuries. HUM 110 Giants of the Arts Instructor Mallory Pearce 11/12/2013 Have you ever wondered where the beautiful paintings and the magnificent buildings we see in our cities come from? All of these wonderful books and scriptures of knowledge come from civilizations we call and recognize today as ancient Greece ND Rome.

There are many phenomenal people who helped change society to what it is today. These individuals probably had no idea that they would become known as great artists, sculptures and architects. The Development of Greek and Roman art. Art has become more of an important factor in our world today. We use art to express our feelings and sometimes to help explain the history of our civilization. Early Greek art was created somewhere around the mid fifth century. Egyptians played an important role in the upbringing of art as we know of it today. Over time,

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Rome developed their own interpretation and style of creating masterpieces. In the past, art was seen as a way to symbolize the leaders and figures of power. Like Egypt during the pharaoh times, Greece followed their beliefs in the many Gods for example; Ares was known to many as the god of war. There were many cultural and religious differences within the centuries. It is obvious that the gods during this time were worshiped with praise and with fear. The many different statues that we see today all had a meaning of some type. For instance, most art work from this period in which we speak can be seen at the

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It is amazing how the art from so many years ago can be preserved so well and still be seen in our historic museums. Although the artwork may be worn or chipped away from time and weather, they are still viewed as priceless artifacts that explain more than we think. Looking at the buildings from the past and comparing them to the buildings we see and build today can be viewed as either two things. We can first look and admire the art work and then move on with our day; or we can admire the art work and allow it to sink into our minds as we ask ourselves.

How is it possible for someone to create such beautiful buildings during a time where they did not have the tools and technology we have today? Now these individuals who ask themselves this question may De more Intriguer wit n ten Automaton AT winner art In I TTS true Tort really comes from. Not only did art change the world as we know it; but also developed a unique society as we view it today. The cultural differences changed from one era to the next. Rome appeared to use more nudity in their sculptures however; Greek sculptures appeared more godlike and seemed to look less realistic.

When you observe sculptures from the Greek era, it appears that the sculptures are in the form of great Olympic athletes. Rome appears more realistic like humans and appears strong or in other words, they have a military feel to them. Ancient Greek and Rome architectures The many buildings that can be found around the world are still known as important landmarks in our history. The ancient Greeks built many buildings in which some were small and many were large in size. Rome created the same concept except their buildings such as the coliseums’ were seen as miraculous.

Still today, mom of these buildings are left standing. While others may have been destroyed or damaged during the many wars throughout time. There are no words that explain or describe the knowledge and work that the many architects used during the different eras. These methods are still used today and they are still trying to be manipulated to their own understanding. The many buildings that continue to stand today are and remain a symbol of how the ancient Greek and Romans lived throughout their time. These different cultures passed on many skills and created a special way of viewing society.

We will never be able to model the art work that has already been created by these great individuals. Influence on the History of European art We look back and describe the many differences that the artists and architects laid out for us today. Europe has developed into a wide array of many artistic individuals over time. Ancient Greek and ancient Rome influenced Europe in many ways. Take a look at the late 15th century for instance. Here there was a great sculptor, painter and architect, Michelangelo. He was known to many as a master of his work.

The buildings that he painted and the sculptures that he created are still seen today by thousands of people each year who are in awe when they observe his work. Michelangelo was one of many great individuals during his time. He took upon task that no one could ever duplicate because Michelangelo worked at his sped which was referred to as quite fast but astonishing. (Kern and Marx) Michelangelo helped move art from one spectrum to the other during his period of time. One of his most famous masterpieces was that of the Sistine Chapel. To actually see the work that this one man painted would be a trip of a lifetime.