The Development of Technology

The development of technology has led to many new methods of mass communication, such as social networking websites and videoconferencing. The increase of electronic communication has helped to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to communication. In different parts of society technology is beneficial in areas of business, education and global relationships. Dealing with business, technology has improved the flow of communication within the workplace. Electronic methods from the work area include e-mails, vocalism, decorousness’s and online newsletters.

From dial up to high speed internet access a person does not have to wait more than two seconds for a website to load. Pearson Education, the leading publisher in educational books suggested that companies should setup a gripe on their website in order to obtain constructive criticism from employees or costumers. Amazon. Com started off as an online bookstore but soon diversified to selling many products. Whenever, a customer purchases an item that individual is asked to leave a review on the seller and he reduce.

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This type of communication helps others decide if buying from this particular seller is a positive or negative. Technology has also improved in the education field. Teachers can collaborate to share their ideas and resources online. They can communicate with others across the world on the spot, meet the shortcoming of their work, refine it and provide their students with the best. This approach enhances the practice of teaching. Students that are working on a project and need information tend to go online and use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Being or the video sharing website Youth.

Mass communication brings awareness of disaster that may be taking place. This year marks 13th anniversary of 9/11. I did not have subdivision at the time the twin towers collapsed. I remembered flipping through the channels while hearing white noise and turned it off. Instead I relied on the radio for feedback until most of the power lines were up and running again. People living in other countries watched CNN and many news channels to see what was happening and also grieved with us living in New York.