The Development of the Roman Empire

The Development of the Roman Empire When he was Just nineteen years old, Creaser Augustus took over the Roman Republic and morphed it into the Roman Empire. Creaser Augustus rose to power through the death of his father. In this essay, I will discuss the rise of the Roman Empire with the following issues: the reformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, the steps Creaser Augustus took to maintain safety, peace, and prosperity, and the resources that Creaser Augustus used to accomplish his goals.

The deaths of Anthony and Cleopatra led Creaser Augustus to begin a reformation of the Roman Republic. Augustus opens his writing with the quote, “At nineteen years of age, I prepared an army by my own personal plan and at my own personal expense, through which I reclaimed the Rest Public (Republic) from the domination of the faction oppressing it, and set it free” (Augustus 1). Because of this action, the Senate elected him as consul (Augustus 1). At the age of twenty-six, Augustus wrote of his endeavors (Augustus 1). He took his place as consul and began to handle the republic.

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He gave from his own pocket to help out the republic. He built many different buildings in order to gain favor and grace with the people. Augustus states t the end of the excerpt, While I held my thirteenth consulship, the Senate and the Equestrian class and the People of Rome universally named me Father of our Fatherland, and resolved that this should in the porch of my dwelling be inscribed and in the Curia Julia and in the Forum of Augustus under the chariot which for me by the Senate’s decree had been placed there.

At this point in time, Creaser Augustus has taken the power and title of emperor and not Just that of consul. Creaser Augustus took many steps in order to maintain safety, peace, and prosperity in the empire. His first act of safety was to “drive out into exile” the people ho had killed his parents (Augustus 1). Augustus also gave the military rewards for serving such as, a year’s wages and arable land (Augustus 2). He also freed the sea from pirates (Augustus 3).

In order domination peace, Augustus built many buildings including a Senate House, many temples, and the Julian basilica (Augustus 2). Creaser Augustus also brought prosperity to the Empire. He first created a “lustful”, or census, to find out the amount of Roman citizens that lived in the empire (Augustus 2). By doing so, it allowed Augustus to properly distribute his own wealth in a more equal way. This allowed individual household’s to create their own prosperity, which in turn, creates prosperity throughout the Empire.

Augustus also used his own resources in order to create the Roman Empire. The first example that Augustus writes about is his control in the grain shortage. He states, “When there was a shortage of grain, from the management of its supply, which I so administered that within a few days from its immediate fear and danger, I freed the entire state at my own expense and by my own care” (Augustus 2). Augustus also paid money to the Public Treasury four times (Augustus 2).

He states, “l paid money to the municipalities; this sum was about 600,000,000 stresses which I counted out for the war-spoils in Italy and about 260,000,000 which I paid for land in the provinces” (Augustus 2). Creaser Augustus retorted ten Roman Republic Into ten great Roman Empire. Through his desire to maintain safety, peace, and prosperity, Augustus achieved what very few leaders ever had. Also, his desire and ability to use his own resources proved that he was a worthy leader. Through the accomplishments that Augustus achieved, the Roman Empire flourished during his reign.