The final act of The Tempest does not deliver a satisfactory

“The final act of The Tempest does not deliver a satisfactory ending. ” How far do you agree with this assessment of the play? One way in which The Tempest ending is satisfactory is the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda as at the time the play was written, marriage and reproduction was one of the most important factors in a persons life. This satisfaction is definitely seen among different Characters in the final act, for example Alonso, who seems delighted in his son’s engagement and.

It is obvious that he is Joyous about his reunion with Ferdinand but he is also evidently pleased to have a daughter as he gracefully welcomes Miranda; “l am hers. ” Gonzalez is also thrilled about the married couple; “l have only wept… Look down you gods, And on this couple drop a blessed crown. ” The found love of the couple is not the only pleasing thing about the marriage; through this Prosper was able to regain political order by restoring his dukedom as when he dies, the dukedom will pass to Ferdinand.

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In contrast to Alonso and Prospered meeting, Antonio and Sebastian are not satisfactorily forgiven by the end of the play, as Prosperous previously conciliatory one turns aggressive, he says he could “Justify them traitors” if he wanted to. This makes prosper seem very ambiguous and contradictory as he tells Antonio that “to call brother. Would even infect my mouth. I do forgive” which is not a convincing expression of forgiveness as he insults his brother in the very same statement.

Also, not only does Prospered forgiveness seem untrue but it seems that Sebastian and Antonio remain the immoral characters that they were, as they don’t appear to learn anything through the events of the play. This is evident through Notation’s lack of apology and speech towards for that matter and also through Sebastian plans to sell Clinical for money. As for Clinical, he fully proves himself a born servant.

He states “How fine my master is,” and apologizes and submits to Prosper for “taking this drunkard [Stephan] for a god” this may prove a satisfactory close to the play as Clinical seems to really want Prospered forgiveness showing his growth as character. However, this ending could be seen as disappointing as although Prosper does finally accept Clinical; “this thing of darkness I Acknowledge mine,”, he also still regards Clinical as being “as expropriations in his manners as in his shape” showing that though Prosper has accepted Clinical, he may never forgive him.

Scallion’s regret during this final scene indicates he has found the way to reconciliation, leaving a satisfactory ending to The Tempest, yet the feelings, unflinchingly, are not mutual for Prosper. Before this reconciliation scene occurs, Prosper has promised to put aside his magic and dispose of his magic book and staff; “I’ll break my staff… Drown my book. ” This The final act of The Tempest does not deliver a satisfactory ending. Discuss By sophistical 1 dance to his magic also signifies that Prosperous game is at an end .

He NAS used magic to restore harmony and doesn’t need it anymore, drawing all events to a satisfactory close. To conclude, I would disagree with this assessment of The Tempest as I think the play delivers a satisfactory ending due the forgiveness and humanity that Prosper attempts towards his enemies. Prior to confronting his enemies, Prosper tells Ariel that “The rarer action is In virtue than in vengeance” suggesting it is better to forgive those who did wrong than to be resentful and hateful.

This is reassuring to the audience as it shows that Prosper has come far and built character as he once felt such anger towards the people he is now about to forgive. Also, the play ends with the promise of Riel’s freedom. Ariel has served Prosper and will receive his reward for loyalty. I think this moment would disagree that the play is unsatisfactory, as Prospered epilogue states “let your indulgence set me free” suggesting that once he released Ariel and the other spirits and stopped his magic, he too began to feel free, bringing The Tempest to a contented close.