The Food Company New Product Development Case Study

From my point of view, I tend to agree with Gerry approach to evaluating the output of the new product group. He did the right thing with them, he gave them the budget as they need so I thing the problem was in the group itself. The new product development as it seems is very important for the company so Gerry has to put great creative people at the top of the group. I think the idea was not clear enough for some of the group members and we can see that when Garth Laid when he waves is hand and said ” we need clarification”.

He had to ensure that idea from the bottom up with a minimum of hierarchy. 2. Actually I think that Maria needs to accept the criticism from Gerry for their ideas. She also need during the meeting with Gerry explain to him the situation and what she needs. Gerry needs to take risks and encourage risk taking, also, emphasize collaboration and integrate development and production; and recognize hidden opportunities in flops. 3. In this case we can see hat Gerry did the first step of the creativity, which is opportunity or problem recognition.

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He decided to establish a centralized new product development group to develop new food products. Also, the second step which is immersion, he put Maria Sanchez as the leader of the group because she was a successful entrepreneur who created tornado tacos. Starting in her mother’s kitchen so she immersed in it and she has a good experience for this mission. The other stages I think they need more time o do it by doing more meetings between Gerry and Maria and the other group members, they need more information and insight to solve their problem. . As I mentioned above I agree with Geyser’s opinion about either Sudden Seafood or Razzed Raspberry. Both of those ideas don’t seem to be successful. Its necessary to meet with Gerry and know exactly what is going on his mind and know exactly what he needs and what is he looking for. Also, according to her experience Maria needs to be more creative and think about something that will make people love it.