The History of Video Game Development

Modified Version of The Brown Box (1967) d o Who Played Video Games? Most people who owned home video game consoles were tech as’. Y. Others played in arcades, which became more common. The Game Industry Many companies grew interest in the video game market. These companies increased production on games. The increase in game production led to short, unoriginal games. The Video Game Crash (1982) Between the lack of originality and complexity of games, demand for them dropped. Companies who invested at this time lost an abundance of money. Almost nobody bought home video games anymore. Stores discounted the games dirt cheap. The Golden Age of Video Games (Late sass’s)

Coding becomes more relevant More coding led to more experimentation with games. Nintendo moves into America Classic consoles Transition to CD-ROOM Gave developers more memory More memory meant more game space Some companies did not make it through the transition. This led to longer and more complex gamely. Rivalries Most of the video game industry has been dominated by two or three companies at a time. Most “gamers” have a preference in a console brand. These companies get surprisingly heated between one another due to their intention.

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Online Multilayer Connected “gamers” through the world wide web Players can talk, message and play with other players online Players can download and play games straight from the servers, rather than buying a physical copy. Developers can expand the game and make ODL available. Physical Games Made to get players exercising Easier than using a complex controller Includes a sensor that detects your body motions Technology continues to grow in these game consoles Modern Game Developing Sealers than ever (resources, Dodos, tutorials, etc.

Platforms to publish on Indies game developers Home Video Games Today Home Consoles Mobile Devices (Android, phone, etc. ) PC Gaming Virtual Reality Growing at a fast rate Gives players the illusion of being inside the game The future of gaming Video Game Facts The average age “console gamer” is 32 years old. 65% of homes in America have a game console The video game industry is valued at 70 Billion Dollars worldwide. People who play video games make decisions 25% faster. Credits Sneed, Jeremy. Video Games : The Movie,