The idea of human resource management

The idea of human resource management took the management world by storm during the 1980s and has represented a important change of direction. The human resources department has the task of deciding the number of people needed and the skills needed in the future so that the company can keep up with other rival companies and satisfy their customers. A human resource planner expertise’s in human resource planning and statistics, and he/she will do most of the preliminary work on personnel planning and strategy.

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This department will also decide whether to lay off employees, if the company is not doing to well, or to employee more people if the company needs to keep up with demand. Job may be rearranged so that the total amount of work to be done in a section is done by the remaining staff with out replacement of the leaver. Extra output can be achieved by using over time, although there is the possibility to spread the work out with the other staff. Companies don’t like the use of overtime, but it might be the best way if a employee leaves while another one is due back in a month after sick leave.

First they will see if they can fill the jobs vacancy’s inside the business. if this does not work they will have to advertise in papers, television, bill boars ect. Recruitment and Selection The process of attracting suitable applicants in sufficient numbers to the company through advertising is called recruitment. The process of deciding which of the potential employees attracted by recruitment are suitable and/or unsuitable for the organisations needs is called selection, this would include the interview and testing stages.

Once all the application forms come in the selection starts. The first thing the H. R. department do is to sort the people out, people who fulfill the criteria and those who don’t. if they still have a lot of applicants they will go through the sort listing process. Once all that’s over the people who were successful in getting an interview and those who don’t get the letters out telling them that. At the interviews the applicants will go through test, for example computer skills and health checks.

In the face to face interview the employers will find out what the personality and attitude is like. There social life will be thought about, if an applicant goes out every night he may come in late to work. The people who come out on top of these test will be selected for the jobs. If the company did not does this they could have ended up with the wrong personnel. Training and Development Staff training is vital for the company to do. They have to organize a venue, lectures and send out notices to the employees to let them know where to go and what time to be there at.

They will also have to arrange refreshments so they can have a break, which helps with the concentration. They have to go through this procedure because if they don’t the company wont get as good as results as they would like. The people chosen for the job will go through an induction course. This is basically showing them around the company and introducing them to their new colleges. They will also be told where the fire escape is. They will be told the company’s regulations. For example: wear ties, call the boss sir.

They will help the people who are falling behind in their work by sending them on more training courses. Performance Management A business always needs to watch their employees to make sure their not doing anything wrong. The performance manager will ask if they employee needs help with his work or if he/she has any problems. If the employee does have problems the performance manager will suggest more training. If the problem continues the company has only one choice left to make, weither to keep him on or let him go.