The Impact of Manpower Development on Efficient

The realization of complete independence if therefore a function of an effective development strategies and efficient utilization of a country’s potential. Studies show that most economy are blessed with abundant natural resources. The lack in basis technology for transforming and maximizing the benefits of these natural endowment result form the under development of human potentials. Since Nigeria gained her independence in 1960, we have been faced with the challenges of providing an adequate and effective manpower need for the management of our economic resource.

Our inability to provide for the necessary manpower need result in the ineffective and under utilization of the abundant economic resources most organization in Nigeria are so much that they tend to ignore the need for retaining their worker in the light of current demands of their Job. Instead they consider the money they will spend on training programmed as a waste rather than as investment they fail to foresee the desirability of continuous retraining and development of their workers in order to promote the efficiency and effectiveness to their organization.

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Consequently instead of the business to grow, it rather fails and as a result, much capital is wasted. Commenting on the general poor development of Nigeria workers, W. R. Haines opined that the Nigeria workers see under-used, under-employed, frustrated and prevented from bringing their talent to bear on the well-being of their employer organization and the nation at large. The principal culprit is not the workers but the leader.

The management according to this statement shows that in effect the country is blessed with the manpower resources with which to develop but it racks in the effective utilization of this potentials for the transformation of the inadequate planning and development of her manpower resources. Manpower development is recognized as part of the board discipline of management development. Many schools however had viewed and interpreted it in varying ways. Raising agreements as to its positive in an organization.

It is though mineral knowledge that manpower development is a dynamic process and that it transfer all levels and phases of management. It is a response to change in the belief attitudes and behavior of individuals that they ran better adapt to new technologies and challenges. In reorganization of the need for the development of human potentials and resources of employees as correlate it achieving organizational goals with efficiency and effectiveness.

The Nigerian Railway cooperation established a training policy for the workers or development by the organization; a lot of difficulties arise which affects the success of the programmed. This research work is therefore directed towards an evolution of the manpower development programmer of the cooperation with a view of identifying problem areas (where any) and making suggestions on ways AT canceling greater success In tenet manpower development