The job or size of the company

In the present scenario ,the most of the staff were paid the basic rate that is on the basis of the National Minimum Wage Act where a minimum fixed wage is paid on hourly basic . The minimum wage rate is beneficial for those staffs in the hotel who does not have any skills as it is kind of protection to the lowest paid group of workers but it is improper for all the staff members to be given the minimum wages . Under the Minimum Wages Rate Act the wages are based on age and not on the job or size of the company .

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So whether the workers are skilled or unskilled they would be paid on a same flat rate. This would definately be unfair as the person having much higher skills than others would not be motivated to use his talents and ideas towards his work . Thus it would result in boredom and lack of interest leading to inefficiency among the staff. To determine clear payments structure job evaluation is to be undertaken . As job evaluation helps to find out the difference in jobs and from these, different pay levels for those jobs can be obtained .

Since in the hotel, non analytical job evaluation was conducted based on the institute of administrative management scheme where the whole job was considered rather than analysing the components of each job and assessing their factor by factor. This would be improper type of evaluation. So for a fair payment approach it is preferable to go for analytical methods of job evaluation . The most commonly used type of job evaluation is points rating where the jobs are classified into number of factors such as skills, responsibility, physical requirements, mental requirements, working conditions etc .

In case of the waiting and chamber staff those who are temporary should be paid as per the time rate system which is the simplest and based on the time they spend at work . And in case of those of permanent nature, payments can be made as per performance related that is the progression of an individual pay to his or her level of performance. This would motivate the workers to strive to work The staff and worker can be paid either by increasing salary /wages within the normal salary/wages scale, also rewards for excellence can be presented .

Also non monetary awards can be given such as commendation, overseas travel, gifts, gifts vouchers, cafeteria -style payments or flexible pay about gender discrimination . In case of the management posts, administrators and highly trained jobs like the chef were not paid on the basis of minimum wage but the system of payments lacks a clear structure and rationale . Also there were people especially the female managers felt that the male managers were paid more than them even though the they did the same or similar work as the male managers.

For this post the pay structure had eroded in particular because of the personal views and preferences of individual, senior managers. There are other factors that also influence the pay rate such as the external comparisons of the going rate for the job, the particular status of the job within the company hierarchy and the particular bonuses or incentives which senior managers have agreed to distribute to their best employees. Even though there are number of payments schemes perfect for all organization but these schemes have its disadvantages and disadvantages and depends upon the wishes of the workforce and culture of the organization .

So as per my analysis I consider that the company should select these payment schemes that is the time rates which can be preferable for the temporary staff which is based on the hours the people spend on working as it simple and also maintain the stable turnover though it is less encouraging for the worker to improve their efficiency. The second scheme is group incentives where the whole team of workers is paid depending upon the contribution of the overall result where the contribution is difficult to assess .

This can also be considered thus encouraging the employees to find out new ways to improve their performance and their contribution whereas the bonus payments can be effected by factors such as inflation. The third scheme is profit sharing where the employees receive bonus and the whole size depends upon the profit made by the organization that year . Sometimes the bonus payments can be made in shares which gives the employees an interest in the enterprise but can be a risk to both shares and job if the organization do not do well in the future.

The last scheme is the performance -related pay or merit rating . In this the employee are paid depending on the performance or competence where the individual is rewarded by making the systematic assessment of their performance to their level of pay or to bonus and the disadvantage is that there can be difficulty in assessing the performance and if care is not taken then there is chance that the employees can think that there is bias in payment.

Also the commonly used financial rewards are salary increases within the normal salary scale, salary increases above the maximum point of the normal pay scale; each employee is paid on an individual fixed rate, with good performers getting something above the normal rate, lump sum payments that are not included in salary. Apart from monetary terms non monetary awards can also given to motivate directly in their pay they are commendation ,overseas travel ,gifts ,gift vouchers and cafeteria -style payments or flexible pay .

So the company can give the monetary and non monetary rewards to motivate the employees in increasing their efficiency towards the contribution of the organization . Also in case of payment, compensation comes under it where the employee has to be compensated for an injury at the time of work . In case of the hotel industry there were major incidents and minor incidents which affected the staff thus the hotel had to provide compensation to the injured staff. Thus with fair remuneration given to the staff the difference in pay between employees will be minimised thus avoiding costly or time wasting disputes .

Hence motivating the staff to perform well in order to attend the strategic objectives . 5) ISSUES REGARDING HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE HOTEL:- Since in the hotel several incidents have been taking place but last year there was two serious accidents in kitchen and minor accidents among the staff and guests in the hotel premises and offices. One of the serious incidents was that the new and inexperienced member of the kitchen staff receives serious burns from dropping a big saucepan of boiling coking oil and the other was serious explosion from an oven which was malfunctioning and injured two members of the staff in the kitchen.

Also the minor incidents that frequently occurred was due to the problem such as worn carpets tiles, poor office room layouts for the office staff and inappropriate work station and Vdus and training wires. In regard to this issue it is the duty of the employer to see to that its staff and the guest are away from danger and free of injury at the time of work and stay respectively. The hotel should conduct risk assignment either by the workforce or safety representatives and take required action to reduce whenever and wherever possible .

According to the legislation The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 (Hasawa) it is the duty of employer to protect everyone at work and also to protect others who were not to work such as guest or even passer-by who are affected by their action. So there is a need to have a safety representative or a safety committee so as to ensure that the workforce itself is safe and all the equipment n the hotel such as the laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, etc . As in the second case it was the employer should be aware that equipment may fail to operate.

For this the employer should see to that all equipment are functioning well and for maintenance , testing of the equipment should be conducted to avoid such incident of malfunctioning . It is necessary for the employer to provide training information to the inexperienced in regards to work so that incorrect handling or transporting within the work place do not occur again which would lead to the cost of the hotel . It should be seen that the workplace in the hotel like office room ,workstation have maintained adequacy and any broken stuff are to be repaired or replaced .

Welfare provision are to be adequate . The trailing wire if comes in contact would be hazardous to anyone in the hotel such a risk which can be identified must be controlled . In case of explosion there should be adequate safe ways to get into and out of the hotel . Safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, fire alarm has to be maintained, alarm must be tested, emergency evacuation drills need to be carried out. The other issue that has occurred is regarding the work timing that the staff members have to face .

Since the hours that people work has an impact on both their safety and health in the workplace. Here the staff work either had early or late shift that is the waiting duties tend to be greatest at the weekend and least during weekdays, whereas chamber duties were greatest during the weekdays and least during week ends . The long shifts and early and late hours for some member of staff had a bad effect on family life thus forgoing home and social life .

With this a great deal of inefficiency would result in increased stress and ill health for many other workers . So it is important for the employers to offer better working conditions and timing that the appeal to the employees . As per the Working Times Regulation 1998 the employer should try to control the hours work and the way the hours are organised . It is therefore necessary that the timings for the hotel staff be flexible enough so that their efficiency would not deteriorate and have an affect in the providing good services to the guest .

It has also been stated that the hotel office manager ,Milton Jones was bullying the office staff . As bullying by the senior would no doubt affect the individuals confidence ,morale and sometimes their health which would decrease their contribution towards the job . So for this issue the employer should at the time of dealing with it should see to that the hotel manager should respect others regardless of their gender ,race and disability.