The Kia advert

In both of the adverts there were two completely unique settings. The vectra`s setting was a dull coloured, Italian building where as compared to the Kia`s advert which in turn had a cartoony graphical setting of the blue skies and white clouds. The vectra`s setting creates a sophisticated atmosphere where as compared to the graphical cartoony setting for the Kia which creates uncomplicated and straightforward atmosphere. The settings of both adverts really specialise in the expression of colour.

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The vectra used dull colours black and grey which expressed executiveness while the Kia mainly emphasised on vivacious colours blue(for the sky) ,orange(for words) and white(for the clouds) which made it exciting and more appealing. The colour also links to the lighting or special effects like in the vectra`s, the lighting was dull and the light mainly emphasised the car to make it shine and look new; but in the Kia advert it was all graphical and bright which also makes it exciting vibrant. By merely comparing the colour usage and effects of both adverts, it already portrays the uniqueness and distinction and contrast.

In both the adverts editing was used which created different moods. In the vectra advert the cuts were quick which makes the audience concentrate more creating a intelligent like mood however the Kia advert, it is just one continuous cartoony transition which makes it easier to understand creating an straightforward mood. This straight forward mood actually makes someone leave the advert on instead of flicking to another channel. Sound or music and voiceovers are other editing techniques which create moods.

In the vectra advert there is mainly percussion led music which had a low volume and tempo which created a bit of momentum. There is a male voiceover mainly because they used used mainly colours (grey ,black) which means that it will appeal to the men mostly; On the other hand the Kia advert had a fast paced and beat music which made it interesting appealing to their ,ain targets which are young drivers and families. The female voiceover also enhances the appeal to female drivers too. So now the adverts have used different sex voiceovers according to the targeted sex and age group.

The vectra`s adverts lifestyle is being ‘In charge or taking control of your life’ which is a persuasive technique where as compared to the Kia advert which is all jolly, fun and the continuous repetition of ‘jolly’ makes the audience think that it is all good ,jolly ,the prices and offers are jolly which is a very effective persuasive technique because it makes you think what they want you to think. In the vectra advert they used high angle when the boy in the advert was hurt and this high angle gave an overall view of the setting.

They used mid shots and close ups which mainly used on the car and driver. But in the Kia`s advert its completely different because its just one continuous shot. Word usage is also a persuasive technique which not all advertisers use. In the vectra advert on the screen read ‘For a free brochure press the red button’ which also means that the free brochure is a freebie to lure people to find out more about the product, and at the ending it read ‘New vectra and new sigma’ which gives the audience a variety to choose from making their choices much more flexible.

However in the Kia advert they used one striking phrase read ‘Thinking person’s car’ and ‘jolly i?? 1’ both were used to attract people. ‘Thinking person’s car’ was a phrase that they used to show that those who really use their mind own this certain car and ‘jolly 1’ makes the people that they have great deals. All this is used to lure people to buying their products.

The vectra audience was explains by the dull colours which is usually for men and dark colours are mainly for the executive and business where as com pared to the Kia advert where the offers ‘jolly 1′ show that it is aimed at the middle class, working class, young drivers, men, women and families because of the wide range of vehicles they advertise on that one advert.

I think that the vectra`s advert is not very effective at all because there is not that much time spent in the advert on the car and there are no deals at all but the Kia`s advert is very effective because of the convincing 1’ offers and the choice which really draw people and their lively music and vibrant colours also make it very effective. I would actually buy one of the Kia vehicles because of the deals and the simplicity it assures through out the advert.