The location of a business

The location of a business such as Everards or Mc Donald’s is very import because it will determine for Everards where they will sell there products and how far they will need to travel to sell there final product and will it be an ideal and fast location so they have easy access to the main roads so that they can reach the places they wish. On the other hand Mc Donald’s the other company I will discuss will also have to also think about the location of there restaurants on the motorways and city centres and there main Head quarters which is located Oak Brook, Illinois, in the United States.

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Most of Mc Donald’s restaurants are found on the motorway, city centres, and local main roads this shows that Mc Donald’s are targeting places were there are a large amount of people such as city centres and motorways were people often need a break from driving and need a snack they could visit 40% of the Mc Donald restaurants located on the motorway. The first company’s location I will discuss is Everards which is located at Castle Acres, Narborough, Leicestershire, LE19 1BY.

The main features of this location is that it is only two to three hundred yards away from the motorways which is exactly what the chairman Richard Everards would of wanted because it is a matter of getting on the motorway which would take a few minuets so that the drives for Everards can deliver there fine beer with out having to go through the city to arrive to the motorway.

It is also ideal for the workers of whom may live 10 or so miles away who can avoid the morning rush hours through the city of Leicester and go straight to Everards without the hassle. The building of the Everards Headquarters is also located near the countryside and nowhere next to any houses so it is not the sound from the machines and the smell from the ingredients of the beer such as yeast and the different varieties of malt does not effect any householders which there are none off near by.

The location is also in favour of the employees at Everards Due to they can dodge the morning traffic and also within the Everards premises there is a large car parking facility were they do not have to worry about lack of space there is a private car park for trucks. Also the Everards premises is directly opposite to a large shopping centre as you can see on the picture I have produced which is known as Foss Park.

This has busses going to it every 15-30 minuets which is a good feature for employees who option to use the transport of the local busses and they only have to walk around the corner to get to Everards. As the location of the Everards premises is right next to the countryside it is easy to get the essential ingredients for the beer and through the tour we had at Everards I asked about if they had any land in the countryside and he replied “I’m not sure if we have but I know that we are trying to purchase some land from where we will hopefully get the ingredient needed for the beer”.

When the land of the current Everards location was brought the premises was worth around the same but know it is worth a lot lot more we are talking a couple of million this is due to the large shopping centre and shop company’s would be thinking of buying this land also it will expand the shopping centre known as fosse park which is what they will encourage and will be willing to do if they do decide to sell.

The Mc Donald’s restaurant location I am going to discuss is situated opposite the Everards brewery premises in the Fosse Park shopping centre which is “the largest shopping park in the UK” this is in quotation mark because this information ist taken from the website. The Fosse Park shopping centre is situated outside Leicester, just off the M1 the address is Fosse Park Shopping Centre, Fosse Park, Avenue, Leicestershire, LE3 2HS.

The main features of the Mc Donald’s restaurant is also that it is close to the motorway this is a plus because it can attract motorway drivers looking for a snack also it is located in “the largest shopping park in the UK” so there are definantly going to be customers. The fact that the Mc Donald’s is located in a shopping park where there are a large amount of potential customers who generally will go into the Mc Donald’s restaurant for food also the employees from the other shopping stores within the shopping park could also go there for there lunch time breaks.

Most of the Mc Donald restaurants you see know days have a quick, easy and efficient drive-thru option which will take maximum 5 minuets there are three easy steps 1) Order you food 2) Pay for your food 3) receive your food this is one of the reasons why there will be a increase in profit. Because the restaurant is near a motorway it will be easy for them to receive the goods for which would have com from the main Headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois in the United States they cook and sell.

For employees it will be easy and convenient to get to work also like the Everards employees they will skip to rush hours of the morning however if the Employees of Mc Donald’s do not have a car they can opt to take the bus which in both cases will drop you roughly 50 to 60 yards away form Mc Donald’s. Employees will not have to worry about car parking as the Fosse Park car park is available to them. This premises will be worth a lot and it will be of interest to particularly restaurant owners so having said that I can defiantly see Mc Donald’s making a profit.