The magazine advert

The media in general aim to inform and interest the audience, which consists of many different types. The magazine advert that I am going to analyse is advertising Vodafone. The advertisement is aimed at young teenagers and under 30’s because the advertisement is of a phone and only teenagers and under 30’s would want to show off their phone. It is aimed at both females and males because it says “Good luck with the cup it’s trying to say good luck with the football match and mostly males are interested in football where as they’ve used a good looking guy ‘David Beckham’ and girls would love to have the same mobile phone as a famous and good looking star. It attracts both a male and female audience.

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They have chosen to do a close up of David Beckham’s face at this point to show how happy he is to see the picture message he received on his Vodafone phone. The body language of David Beckham is that he is relaxed and where ever he is he will still know what his family is doing and also they will know what he’s doing. The clothes he’s wearing are the clothes he would feel comfortable in and not any fancy clothes to show off because he is not doing an advertisement for clothes he’s doing it for the phone. The way they’ve laid it out is on two A4 pages linked together and it has lot of different colours like the writing is written in white and the background is red, red is a colour which is eye catching.

Also there’s a close up of the phone to show you what type it is and how it is set out. There’s also a phrase ‘Good luck with the cup’ which has two meaning which is good luck with your football match hope you win the cup and also on the phone it shows a picture of a cup for kids which they are trying to link to David Beckham’s kids. The background of the advert is yellow which also catches your eye the background is blurry, which is trying to say he doesn’t care about anything else except the phone and the picture message he received.

When they took this picture the camera was placed at the front of the person so you know what his expressions are when he gets a picture message on his Vodafone phone. The image has been cropped because the background has just been blurred out so that you don’t focus on the background you focus on what they are advertising. In the Advert the first thing that catches my eye is David Beckham, because his picture is close up. When I was flicking through the magazine I saw his face and thought “Let me read that!” so what the advert was supposed to do was attract people to read the advert and I think that it succeeded because David Beckham is so well known and has such a positive image. You can’t really see where the advert was set because the background is blurry, but I think that it must have been in the city on a street because it looks as if there’s light through the buildings which have been blurred.

The product that is being sold is a phone and it also close up picture which shows you a picture of a cup on it which will make you think that it’s a baby’s cup and think its cute, also the phone is shot at a really close angle so that you know that, that is the thing they are trying to sell. The background is not focused because that is not important they are not trying to sell the background. I think that the advert was complied from several different elements. They took the picture of David Beckham using the phone and then they added the information at the top and at the bottom then they added the writing ‘Good luck with the cup’ and ‘how are you?’ They’re using David Beckham as a ploy to sell the phone also because David Beckham is associated with expensive things. The advert is on 2 pages and on each paper there is an object or a person who’s is close up which is trying to say this is the thing you have to focus on.