The main conflict with in HR management

The main conflict with in HR management is financial; the school is given a budget to spend on physical resources, teaching materials and teachers. This budget also includes employing supply teachers, for example last term WHS needed more supply teachers because most of their staff were off on educational trips because of the limitation of the budget this term WHS can not afford supply teachers. So senior staff have to leave their work and cover classes. WHS should be told in there contracts that in case there is a class that needs a teacher they could be called upon to cover lessons during there free time.

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The government fund are not always available to fund pay raises for teachers, for example WHS carries out performance management and teachers are awarded a pay increase but the government only funds 50% of this pay raise this leaves the school with a conflict, and questions like do you make staff redundant to fund the remaining 50% of the pay raise bearing in mind that with out the right numbers of teachers, it affects the school’s performance and exam results reputation. The relation between governors and WHS head teacher this is vital for the schools performance and the success of the school.

The other conflict is between training and development and the budget, HR might want to train or improve the skills of the staff at WHS but the limitation of the budget will not allow this therefore causing a conflict and affecting the quality of teaching at WHS. Because the skills of the teachers are limited meaning that they are not keeping up with the changing world. The school should bid for money from the government to offer its staff training; this will resolve the problem of not having enough money to train staff.

The HR department at WHS wants to recruit more teachers but the finance department and budget do not agree as there is know money to employ any more staff. The other conflict is between the HR management and the teachers themselves, due to the shortage of teachers WHS does not have enough staff to cover all the lessons so the HR management at WHS wants teachers to cover lessons during there free periods bearing in mind that teachers only have a few periods free a week.

Teachers don’t get time to finish there work since there free periods are take up, they have to work at home and on weekend this could cause them to leave the school or it might have an effect on the way they teach as they never have enough time to plan and prepare the lessons. All these will have a divesting effect on the performance of the school. To resolve this problem WHS should get supply teachers to cover lessons this will mean than teachers are not asked to cover lessons in there free periods.

A conflict could arise from HR management at WHS when the government sets an aim to train all teachers in key stage three numeric, the HR department will have to make sure that all its teachers attend the insert day. However some teachers might feel that this training is not relevant to the class they teach e. g. sixform science teachers. Also there is potential conflict between HR and the head of departments, the HR department wants to recruit staff on a temporary basis but head teacher’s wand to recruit staff on a permanent contract.

Benefits of a good HR department A good HR department recruits good teachers with the right qualification and excellent experience, good teachers mean good subject knowledge, they will be familiar with specifications, examination questions and there are able to help the students effectively which leads to good exam results. Good teachers will always be approachable, set and mark home work and also help students were necessary with their home work, this improves the relationship between teachers and students.

Recruitment and selection is the HR function that contributes to the above, with out this function WHS HR department would not be able to recruit good teachers. If the HR department recruits good teachers they will be able to promote class discussions. Class discussions are vital to the student’s performance as they improve the student’s confidence and knowledge of the subject, which leads to better performance. Good teachers will help students improve their social, cultural, oral and ethnical skills. Training and development is very important as teachers always need to upgrade their skills a good HR department will promote this.

The HR department will provide insert days for teachers training, carry out regular performance appraisals this will help the teachers to keep up in line with the skills required by the teaching industry and its changing demands. Because training and development the school is able to remain competitive with good and high teaching standards. Also because teachers are trained to deal with students behaviour problems, it promotes the school with in the local community helping WHS gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

When it comes to dealing with conflict in the school a good HR department will discipline and dismiss inappropriate actions by the teachers. For example if a teacher had a fight with a student they would have to face the disciplinary team and issues would be discussed fairly. And the out come would be fair depending on what caused the teacher to fight back, if there was no reason for the teacher to fight the teacher might be given a warning depending on his teaching record or they could sacked.

Good HR management will notice problems early before they occur and solve them, defending teachers and supporting them in difficult times. This will attract more staff if they feel that the school acts in their interests and helps them out in difficult times. For example if a student made fails accessions of being sexual assaulted by a teacher a good HR will defend the teacher and help them in these difficult times. Sometimes this can make a great difference between a teacher losing their job and going to jail or being cleared.

If teachers see that the see HR actual supports them in difficult times this will attract more and more teachers meaning that WHS will not have a problem of storage of staff. This will mean that no member of staff will have to do other job apart from what they are required to do by the school. Also staff will have more time to spend with students helping them out with their work, this will greatly improve the grades of the students leading to good results and a good reputation for WHS. This will help the competitiveness of WHS making it a better working and help it retain good teachers.