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Glazzard therefore show elements of resources and capabilities that would allow me to construct a network analysis. Following a similar process to that mentioned previously I will attempt to achieve my aim. However I am going to begin on a small level, attempting to construct a network, of an element of the installation process. The programme. (See method statement in appendix No ) Before attempting to construct the procedural process mentioned earlier as a textbook network analysis. Due to CPA (Critical path allowing a business to make more effective decisions.

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I feel due to the nature of the problem and the seriousness of the implications that it may cause, analysing a small element of the regime will allow for a clear more accurate assessment of whether it can be successfully implemented and reflects Glazzards intentions, relating to my objectives. The basis of CPA technique is the preparation of a network diagram in which each job or activity can be performed is represented. The arrangement of these activities indicates their sequence relative to each other. However the network could also take the form of:

However as I was unsure of what form of network the procedure was I enquired and using common sense, I am able to construct the most likely network form the brief list on section 4 of the method statement. Due to the large amount of emphasis on risk assessment it seemed sensible to include that as an activity. As you can see either way it is very critical, leaving Glazzard very little flexibility for delays or other lapses in the operation, which could affect my latter conclusion and recommendation. Glazzard also seem to have included a specific installation sequence in the method statement.

However they have not included the time or any other limitations or constraints. See appendix. I therefore had decided to try to turn this into a form of a network, which clearly shows Glazzard itemise operations/particular operations in the installation, this case the steel to buildings. I am unable to insert any work force assignment into the network nor other resources required or time limitations which I would have wanted in order to make a valuable accurate analysis of this. The other limitation would be that this is only constructed using my knowledge and Glazzards itemised listing, therefore is not as accurate as I would have needed.

However it is a start into planning an implementation a form of regime Glazzard can follow for other projects. The best way forward next probably would be to try a small low profile installation statement. In order to further this analysis of CPA/networking into Glazzards operations I have decided to introduce some form of calculations into the smaller network that was produced previously. Before I further the theory of CPA to a wider larger scale to the guideline of average set of operations/activities that Glazzard have.

So far I have covered the listings of Glazzards procedure named ‘programme’ on the method statement allowing the CPA network to be created. I therefore need to expand this bringing meaning into the network, by introducing network scheduling. This indicates the earliest starting date an event can be completed and the latest date by which an event must be completed. All the procedures I follow with this smaller network I intend to apply to the larger network later on to allow for an accurate meaningful assessment.

The earliest starting date of an event is defined as the earliest date by which all activities leading into that activity can be completed. This information is recorded in the left hand box above the event. The process of calculating the earliest date of events in a network is known as a forward pass. is allows me to see that a and b can only start once the risk assessment has been completed on day 1 a the earliest and latest time. Similarly c can only start once a and b have been completed therefore the earliest c can start is on day 2 and the latest it can start is also day 2.

This therefore demonstrates that the programme sector that I have networked is critical. This is the same as you can see on the network above through out all the LFT’s and EST’s are the same. This therefore means that there can be no delays throughout completing the preceding tasks and starting the next events on the path, without prolonging the total finishing time of the programme. The critical path is shown above with //. In order to improve the overall project duration one must reduce the duration of the activities on the critical path. If individual activities are delayed then the critical path through out the network will change.

Causing the network to be more critical. Creating negative implications on Glazzard as creating the network to become more critical means that there is a greater chance for the completion of the installation to be delayed. Thus a late completion could lead to a dissatisfied customer and creating penalty charges. This then will mean an increase in costs, which is not advantages considering I’m trying to cut costs, mentioned in my objectives through a new regime of planning. This shows that Glazzard operate on a very tight schedule due to the criticality.