The maybelline advert

The wording is the actual piece of an advert which makes people buy the product but only after you have sold them the company image and drawn them in with other techniques. The language in the maybelline advert uses simple and easy to understand language. Although simple can be stylish in the case of language. Using simple language in this advert just reduces the appeal to simpler people who are less likely to appreciate style.

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This is exactly what happened here. maybelline use semi technical terms such as hyper pearl formula which just again lower their demographic appeal because anyone with much intelligence would realise that hyper pearl formula is just made up. Maybelline continues with their metals’ theme throughout which is notable. They also use alliteration several times throughout the piece e.g. “Lips look” and “Lights up lip”. They finally inform us, with more bogus scientific information, that they will stay for “hour after hour” which is a good promise to make to lure people in, if they believe it.

The Jameson advert actually explains the process, which makes their whiskey better then others. This opens them up and personalises you with them. They use the word bourbon for their American market and the word scotch for their British market although they imply the same meaning. I think it is wrong for them to use a negative word, “don’t” so early on in their advert. Then they finish the wording with the alliteration of ‘extra effort”. But then, after the bold section they use the phrase “drink responsibly and stay smooth” which interestingly, although not cutting edge, contrasts strongly with the mentality of drinking 5 years ago.

All companies try to have an underlying message throughout their adverts to truly indoctrinate us. The two adverts here have surprisingly different underlying messages. The maybelline advert is trying to be young, cool and stylish so playing on the re-birth of love for cities from shows like sex and the city they have the reference of the reflection in the model’s sunglasses of a skyscraper. They also have the lipsticks set out to look like skyscrapers themselves. The Jameson’s underlying message is not hidden from view in any shape, or form. It is using the almost mist-like condensation on the bottle and the word smooth to make you thirsty and longing for one, or at least that’s what they try to do.

In conclusion, the maybelline advert did not achieve its goal of being stylish. However, it did manage to have a subtle undertone not highly noticed. It used several rhetorical devices and some of the colours it used were vibrant and stylish in their own right. The Jameson advert did achieve being stylish with its slick letters, and easy to understand message. It didn’t narrow its demographic appeal and it retained an intelligent side which cannot be said for the maybelline advert. Nevertheless, it didn’t try to have any other messages other than to try to excite you to drink it and in that respect is quite dull but sometimes dull sells.