The middle of the magazine

I am going to analysis an advert for a Toyota Tundra pick-up. I obtained this advert from the Toyota Magazine, One Aim, and the summer 2003 issue. The advert was on a double spread page in the middle of the magazine. The picture on the advert shows a Toyota Tundra as a large central image. It takes up approximately 60-70% of the double page. The photograph has been angled so that the front of the car has been made to look bigger than the rear of the car. It also makes the front of

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the car a lot sharper and clearer than the back and more of the detail of the lights can be seen. I think this has been done to emphasise the front of the car which is where the engine is situated. This makes the viewer imagine that because the car has a large front it must contain a large, powerful engine. The background looks like a rally track and there are adverts and flags in the background for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.

The background has been blurred and the car is sharp. This has been done to show the speed of the car and also because the background s blurred it makes the car stand out more on the background.  The car is pictured on the rally track as stated before. The adverts are for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series which I think shows that the car is not an ordinary car for driving to work in, but that it is a champion, winning car for a driver to cross the finish line in first position in. In my opinion this advert has been aimed at higher class celebrity racing drivers, probably rally and/or off-road more than formula one or other racing types.

I think this is for males aged twenty to thirty five because it is a big car and for professional drivers who must have adequate experience to drive. I also think that it is has been placed in the centre pages of the magazine so that when a person sits down to glance through it they would generally open at the middle and browse the surrounding pages. The car, as stated before, is show with a large front to empathise the engine, I think this shows that the advert is being aimed at young males who want a car for its power and speed. The fact that the car is a pick-up shows that this is for the more adventurous people who would want to drive off-road and rally.

The company that is selling the car is Toyota and I think that the slogan for this particular car would be;- “Now, with its Tundra pick-up, it’s time to move into a bigger league: NASCAR Craftsmen Trucks.” This is saying that you have to move up into a bigger league and to do this you need a better car. It is saying that to get into a bigger league you need a better car and that better car is the Toyota Tundra. The heading which has been position under the front of the car is ROARING TUNDRA, I think that by using the word `roaring’ that this makes you relate the car to a large cat, being powerful and yet fast and streamlined.

This writing has been done in a white font that is quite wide. I think this is done to make is stand out more from the background and so that is has more of a powerful effect on the viewer. The sub text is done in a red font and says a short sentence about the success of Toyota on the US stock car scene in NASCAR’s entry-level Goody’s Dash series. I think that by saying this it is making you believe that because of Toyotas past success that this car must also be great, if not better. There is not much text on the advert and the words used are persuasive by saying ‘move into a bigger league’. They are persuading the viewer to buy this car so that they can move into the bigger league.

The language used is about the car and its position in the NASCAR series. I think that this also shows that the advert is aimed for racers because ordinary people may not understand the levels of the different series and what they mean in terms of how good a car is. The advert came from a Toyota magazine which also has other adverts for Formula 1 cars and other racing cars. They have put all their racing cars into one magazine and all the photos are done is a similar way with a blurred background and angled car, giving the effect of speed which is what the racers are looking for.

For the second part of my assignment I am going to analysis the advert that I have designed for a car. I used a Volkswagen Beetle but changed the name and called it a Coroda Sada. My advert is designed in a story board so that it can be shown as a television advertisement. When the advert first begins it is a black screen and a bright yellow spotlight opens up onto an angled car with the camera held in a still position.