The new job

Application form. I think my applicant form had all the key parts that were needed when applying for an inbound consultant because it had sufficient room for the applicants to write the information needed. I have created a questionnaire for the applicants to fill out so I can have some feed back of how the applicants felt. The questionnaire template will be in the appendices. All of the questionnaires had positive feedback. Clear procedures on selection process We had a score sheet when choosing the best candidate to avoid any discrimination form the interviews.

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We named the candidates by numbers and not names to avoid any sex discrimination. Interview questions The interview questions were structured to avoid favouritism. This will make the process more efficient by using up less time and only gathering relevant information. Materials provided for the induction From the list of task that the job required, we came up with a six-week induction period that covered all these areas and had test on the area to make sure that the new employee understands the tasks and how to operate equipment efficiently.

Motivational package The motivation package provided not only offered a wide verity of benefits but it also offered choice. Because of this all age range could have the best package to suit them. Legal framework I think that all of my documentations and my selection process fits perfectly in to the legal dimension. But just to have other people opinions I made a table and asked a male female, a person with a disability and one-person from and ethnic group for their views on the documentations, to see if it fits the legal dimension.

They all said that the documentations did not have any kind of discrimination. This is a template below that the people filled in. Documentations Does the documentation fit into the sex discrimination act (1986) Does the documentation fit into the race relations act (2000) Does the documentation fit into the Disability discrimination act (2004) Job advertisement Job description Person specification Job application Interviews tasks Interview questions Final selection of successful candidate After I collected all the information back all of the boxes were either ticked or a yes in the box.

I think that the statistics that I got back from this is very reliable and I believe that all of my documentations and process were created and assessed in the fairest way possible. 3. Research Using a verity of research methods has helped me produce my report. These research methods include: Primary research. This includes Questionnaires- we used the questionnaires to find out the difference of the recruitment, selection, induction and motivation plans of different companies to understand how good RCI’s plan is. Questionnaires are good because they create questions that are clear and specific.

They also shorten the answers to them because they break down the topic. It makes sure the answers to the questions helpful when making a statistical analysis of it. But the down side of a questionnaire is that it doesn’t provide an in depth answer. An example is if a questionnaire asks “do you help the new successful candidate get familiar with the building” and one company gives the candidate a map and the other shows him/her around as well as a map. They both would tick the yes but one is helps the new candidate more than the other.

A questionnaire cannot pick this up. The interviews- we used the interviews to choose the successful candidates for the new inbound consultant. The interviews helped us choose the successful candidate. It gave us a view of that it would be like in the world of work. The out come was the best person for the job was selected because of the structured and efficient process. Face to face discussions- we had meetings to discuss things such as how we were going to choose the final candidate or how we are going to design a person specification.

This is good because face-to-face discussions are a direct way of finding out relevant information quickly. Unlike secondary research you can get exactly the information that you need and not look through useless amount of information. The visit to RCI- we took a trip to RCI and asked questions their about their procedures. Secondary research. This includes carrying out research using existing published sources. A lot of information can be found in human resources departments this way thing that you didn’t thing existed or wouldn’t think of to find out for your self.

Improvements Overall I think that aver all our final documentation and candidates selection process were excellent. But if I had to improve it I would get all the draft documentations together and discusses each and every one of them between the whole group because some members and be more generous that others, because of this a document that wasn’t the best in class could get the best score because the examiner of the document could be more generous than others. The problem with this is that it would take more time to discuss all of them.

I do not thing that the selection process of choosing the candidates to have an interview could not be improved any more but I do think that in the interview they aloud more time so we could implement the role play tasks, we would get a better understanding of what the candidates are capeapal of. If there were a different job role then I would change the induction package. I would make it suitable for the new job role chosen. I would also change the interview process to look for different skills that the candidates acquire that will suit the new job.