The New Pay Plan and Development of the Company

The New Pay Plan Question 4: Specifically, what would you suggest Jennifer do now with respect to her company’s pay plan? For the development of the company, there are several suggestions to Jennifer with respect to her company’s pay plan. First, in the question 1, we also mentioned this point, setting up a formal salary structure. Based on this point, for the employees, they will feel more fair and unambiguous about how much they can get and it also makes the manage easier and clearer for managers, there are strict certain structure to avoid the unfair things happen.

Second, making some necessary formal surveys when determining what the company should pay to avoid the mistake. No matter what careful we are, we also would make some errors, so recheck the results is very necessary and important. In the case, the company conducts informal surveys among friends and cleaners trade associate. To some extent, doing like this would reduce the cost and good for getting vast and direct information. But the independent information source must make great risks to the company in the future.

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So making a staff or building a specific apartment to respond this Job is indispensable. Third, about the policy of paying 10% more than the prevailing rates, as a company, profit is the first thing. Although, this policy can foster employee loyalty, but for the long-term, the employees will accustom this situation and cannot motivate them to do better. Changing the policy like rewarding the outstanding employees with this policy, not all, which not only can reduce the cost, but also can motivate employees to get the higher prevailing rates.

Fourth, the policy of paying men about 20% more than women for the same Job, although like her father’s explanation that men are stronger and can work harder for longer hours,and besides they all have families to support. But if the company performs such policy will cause female employee dissatisfaction, so that they feel has been unfairly treated. At the same time countering the enthusiasm of female staff, so that they would slack at work. Don’t do like that, regarding somebody who works hard and better is an effective method.