The Port Development of Gaza

The purpose of this document is to revive my solutions for the port development of Gaza. Gaza needs to create a new policy to suit the changing global environment that will protect the safety of people’s lives as well as boost Saga’s economy.Political Environment Gaza has very long history in the world, and it is also a place that suffered a lot. It has been ruled by both Egypt and Israel and is beloved by neither, which is a problem for all. Azans are emphatically Palestinian, a national identity forged from the trauma of losing their land to Jewish armies in 1948, the year Israel was established.

Many defeated Arab landowners fled to Gaza, where 3 out of 4 residents are classified as refugees. The Jews initially made no claim to Gaza, and the strip of coast became a holding pen administered by Egypt military. The West Bank was annexed by Jordan. (Vicki, Klein, &Khalil, 2012) Nowadays Hams Government controls this place, but it is still not a country. Israel, which considers Hams a terrorist group, allowed Just a few dozen through its crossing at the other end of Gaza on any given cay, mostly meal patients Ana a select group AT Disillusioned won trace Walt Israel.

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Both borders were frequently closed on security grounds. Abraham, 2011) In 2006, after the election of Hams. Restrictions were tightened in 2007 after Hams took full control, and Israel has prevented most ships from docking at the port of Gaza. In terms of that, the business environment is severely there. To do international business in Gaza is almost impossible. Gaza suffered a lot of wars and conflicts during more than a half century. After controlled by Egypt and Israel this place has very limited trade with other nations.

The economy is very poor. Most of the population of Gaza strip suffered severe poverty, so that this place needs to read with other nations to boost their economy. What is more, recently Middle East tensions subsided, that added signs of optimism on the global outlook. From the map, we can see Gaza has a great position to do business around the world. It is on the Mediterranean and could then be transshipped to the Gulf of Saba by rail. We would also like Gaza to be offered a rail corridor to the West Bank for freight and passengers.

The Gaza sea port is also a deep sea port that suitable to be a huge pot in that location. 2. Brief Economy Environment It has been widely acknowledged that the future economic viability of the Palestinian economy depends on the creation of a trade logistics system which permits the safe, reliable and competitively-priced movement of people and cargo. In November 2012, a report by the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce called for the Gaza Strip to be recognized as an economic disaster area after it concluded that the Israeli Operation Pillar of Defense caused approximately $300 million in economic damage. “Living Gaza”, 2012) The unemployed rate is high in Gaza. In 2011 Saga’s economy increased by 27% while unemployment fell to 29%, its lowest in a decade. (Nicolas, 2012) In 012, Qatar donated 400 million dollars towards construction projects in the Gaza Strip. (Mama, 2013) Gaza has agriculture and industry. Gaza grows flowers, olive, lemon, vegetables and also has dairy business and fishing. Most of the industry in Gaza is small handmade business organized by families; the products include clothes, soap, olive woodcuts, and souvenirs.

The natural resources in Gaza include gas, oil, fertile farmland and deep sea port. (“Jiao shah”, 2013) 3. The Important to Build Gaza Port First, Gaza is a very great deep sea port, and it suit for huge cargos. Before World War I it is a very busy port. “Port of Gaza”, 2013) So that it has a good nature environment to be successful. Second, Port development can create Jobs. The unemployed rate still high in Gaza, so that create Jobs for those people can make this place steadier and improving their living conditions. People in Gaza don’t educated well.

They only can do psychical work. Working at Gaza port is very suitable for them. We can see the economy will increase from that. Third, Port development can promote economic development, and transportation services, material supply and other supplementary industry, that could help Saga’s industry grow up, and also fishing could get the infinite. Suggestions about the Development of Gaza Port As a consultant of international trade and safety in Gaza, I find out to boost the economy, free transportation is very important.

After many years closed by other nations, I want to recover the maritime transportation and the first step is making polices to ensure the Gaza port could run smoothly. There are some suggestions, as Tallow: 1. Slang truces Stopping conflicts with West Bank, Israel, and Egypt, and then signing truces with them to make sure a steady political environment. 2. Cooperation with international organizations Cooperation with different international organizations to get international community knows the situation about Gaza port, such as cooperation with the EX. and gets financial assistance. . Political concept changing Due to frequently conflicts and attacks, this place is a trouble in the world. Hams is considered terrorism in western countries. It must be changed, good news recently is the Hams government appointed a woman as its first English- language spokeswoman. Almonds, a 23-year-old who speaks fluent British-accented English, and she will be responsible for the Gaza government’s communications with the international media. (Abraham, 2013) That could let other nations know the place and people much better, and we can see the changing in the Hams government. . Allowing foreign countries to invest the Gaza port Building Gaza port needs huge amount of money which Hams could not afford, and if other countries and nations Joined the investment plan they will help the Gaza economy developing and get benefit from the port and even Hams government. 5. Building safety system Doing business needs safety environment. Nobody wants to see bombs heaped suddenly. So a 24 hours supervision system must be funded. A Judicious mixture of modern management and the use of cameras and scanning technology would help the professional security staff.