The Power of Advertising

dvertising is when a company is trying to sell their product. There are many ways of advertising and the most popular is television. The other possible ways are through radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and even aeroplane banners. When you think about making an advert you would think of quite a few things. The main on is how you are going to advertise, if that is by television, radio or in a magazine. This may be affected by how much money you have or how much you are prepared to spend. Most big companies will spend most of their advertising money on television, as they think that this is where they are more likely to sell their product.

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Another thing that a company would try and do is making their product into a brand name. This can be difficult because it normally comes from the consumer’s choice. Once a company has established in getting a brand name its product/products will sell extremely well. The magazine advert that I chose was for the new P6000 Pirelli tyre. I would defiantly say that this advert is aimed at men. This is because of the power it portrays. The advert came out of a car magazine, which a lot of men would buy, and not a lot of women. I would say that the advert gives a very good impact. It is set in a huge powerful canyon at the time of a sunset or sunrise.

The sunset makes the canyon look red, which is a very masculine and powerful colour. The tyre is on a very tall pinnacle in the canyon and the tyre is up right and gripping perfectly to the top. I would say that this advert is very eye-catching to men and probably makes them want to buy it. The advert was put onto a full page to give a maximum impact to the reader of the magazine. There is a slogan at the top of this advert, which says ‘Power is nothing without control’. This shows that men can do all they like in the car but still be safe and in control. At the bottom of the advert it says that this is the first safety system to be fitted. This shows that this must be the most important system.

Other good points that it says about the tyre are that it’s the best at holding the road and durability; it’s a comfortable ride, noise free, fuel savings and the best safety from a Pirelli tyre. It then says a short sentence at the end that is ‘Pirelli P6000’. This gives a nice short, final impact. In the bottom left hand corner of the advert it gives a sole of a foot with the grip of a tyre, it then says P6000 next to it. On the bottom right hand corner it has the Pirelli logo in yellow and red and just above that it has their web site. All the writing in this advert is done in capitals to give a bold impact. Pirelli is normally associated and used by formula one. This gives it the sense of power as formula one racing is a very powerful sport and appeals to men. The language used is quite assertive and to the point. A lot of the language is also very safety conscious but not too much to put men off. It still gives that sense of power.

My own advert that I have done is for a product called Sphinx. This is an aftershave for men. The company that have produced this product are known as Botus. The colour scheme used for this advert is purple, yellow and red. This is because those colours are on the product. On the front of the product is the image of a Pyramid. These are found in Egypt and they show great power. This makes the product more masculine. In the centre of the Pyramid is an eye and behind the Pyramid is a mystical sky. This gives a different approach and makes the product look like it is away from reality. A Sphinx is a Lion with the head of a Pharaoh.

This links with the slogan ‘Let the animal out in you’. This is to say the wild cat or Lion is an animal and a powerful one at that. This is what men would like to be and this is why it is a good slogan. There is another good slogan that says ‘Buy and believe Botus’. This slogan has good alliteration of the letter ‘B’ in buy, believe and Botus. In the main copy the word a star emphasising how new the product is highlights ‘new’. Also in the copy it says how the product has been created and designed by Botus. This is to say that Botus is a brand name so more people are going to buy the product because of this.