The Practical Production

This is my project on ‘Charity Adverts’. In this task, I must come out with a charity advert of my own. I must also show my understanding of other charity adverts. The two charities I will be researching are ‘Oxfam’, and ‘Green Peace’. These are two charities which are campaigning to help the environment, and help those in developing countries. Oxfam is a charity which tries to overcome issues such as poverty, famine and HIV/AIDS. I have also researched this charity Green Peace is a charity which tries to protect the earth and environment. I have also researched this charity, and all the research follows.

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Section 2 Oxfam Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 independent, non-profit, community-based aid and development organizations who work with local partners in over 100 countries worldwide to reduce poverty, suffering, and injustice. It is a member of the OneWorld Network, which seeks to “promote sustainable development, social justice, and human rights.” They are an independent organisation, registered as a charity, affiliated to Oxfam International, with partners, volunteers, supporters and staff of many nationalities – part of a global movement to build a just and safer world.

Green Peace is an international environmental organization founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1971. Green Peace is known for its use of campaigns to stop atmospheric and underground nuclear testing as well as to bring an end to high seas whaling. In later years, the focus of the organization turned to other environmental issues, including bottom trawling, global warming, ancient forest destruction, Nuclear power, and genetic engineering. Despite its founding in North America, Green Peace achieved much more success in Europe, where it has more members and gets most of its money. The vast majority of Greenpeace’s donations come from private individual members; however, it has received some donations from important figures. In order to ensure its independence and impartiality, Green Peace does not accept money from corporations or from governments; it screens donations to ensure compliance.

Green Peace campaign to: Stop climate change Protect ancient forests Save the oceans Stop whaling Say no to genetic engineering Stop the nuclear threat Green Peace’s official mission statement describes the organization as this: “Green Peace is an independent, campaigning organisation which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions for a green and peaceful future. Green Peace’s goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.”

I have looked at an advert by Green Peace. The ad is a wide foldout, with the writing of the title stretching the entire width of the spread. There are separate sections along the ad. At the end of each section, the text is in a non bold font, which is asking you to help their charity. The title on the front of the ad says ‘Become a Pain in the Arse’. This is a clever technique, which attracts the reader, and gains their interest into the ad. The effect of this is that the ad instantly engages the reader into the advert and involves them into the charity.

My advert could include dramatic images, and shocking facts. The images will be almost distressing and psychological. I intend my advert to get across the view of the charity. I would like to get people to see how badly things are being treated. Most people do not know the problems that charities face, and I intend to make them understand these. I would like to shock the audience, and make them understand the realism of world issues. I think my advert would bee most effective in a newspaper or magazine, because this attracts a lot of publicity, and would make my advert stand out, as this place is not where the reader would expect to find distressing images. In this form, I can create a shocking presentation of my advert

The image I have decided upon is a split image: one of the world today, and another image of the world which has been through the effects of climate change, nuclear war and so on, showing all the issues that Green peace protest about. The title underneath will say something like ‘The World is Dying’ or ‘This is What the Future Holds’ or something similar to this. The effect of this devastation is to engage the reader into what you are advertising.

I will make this effect using a computer. I will organise my time by putting my ideas into order of priority, using the most important tasks first. I will need an image of the world, and a photo editing program on the computer. Alternatively I could use a photograph of a peaceful, tranquil and ‘green’ environment, rather than the earth, as this could remind people of a place they know, as they would be emotionally distraught in seeing a place they know being destroyed. I think that by showing the audience their unfortunate future, they will be shocked, and try to prevent this happening (through means of this charity). Things I will do to the image are:

Make the edited image look dark, dreary, and gloomy. Also, as Green Peace ‘fight’ against global warming, I will make the image look as though it has been exposed to the effects of climate change. I think that this advert will be best suited as a smaller, fold out advert, as it will look more attractive to the audience of my charity, because the smaller area on the front gives less area for the reader to look at, so they can focus totally on the text and images I have used.