The product: marketing issues

The products are made batches and are normally sold in sets. You can buy mugs and cups individually in which in this case sold as souvenirs or as a gift for someone else. You would find individual sales like this in souvenir shops in London or any other places on earth, which has something special about the place. For example you might have a picture of Mickey Mouse on the cup, which would indicate it was fro Disneyland in America; or there could be a symbol of a football team, which may be sold at the actual football club.

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You can also buy individual mugs or cups at birthday shops such as ‘Clintons’. In this case this would be a gift for someone else as it might have their name or age decorated on it for their birthday. It may have a musical tune played every time you picked it up the mug or some kind of joke that is associated with that person in some way. Things associated with Christmas, Easter or even the year 2000 may be found on the mugs and cups as well. This is a good way of marketing the mugs and cups as people won’t just buy it for desperate use, but they will buy it because of what picture or writing is on the mug, which will give them good memories from special occasions.

People can buy mugs or cups in sets such as in family sets in which you would find six mugs or cups. These may have no decoration what so ever or may have simple idea such as a form of pattern. This is where decoration is important. The better the decoration, the more the product will sell. Buyers will notice this decoration and therefore buy it These sets of mugs and cups can be found in kitchen shops or stores such as ‘Argos’ and ‘Index’ Alternative products which will also do the job of holding drinks and which is easy and safe to use may be plastic cups, which are way less fragile, and then cups made from clay. Glasses, which are shaped in different ways for different drinks which is most fragile is another option.

Different forms of drink containers are used for different age groups especially young children and babies. A baby’s bottle, which has a rubber end for the baby to drink out of, is there for extra safety and comfort. Young children a plastic cup with a lid, which can be screwed on, has a few small holes on the mouth shaped piece in which can be sucked out with minimum mess. Two handles either side are applied for easy use. If this is unavailable a straw can be easily added to an ordinary cup.

The durability of a mug or cup can last from seconds up to years depending on how it is looked after and treated. Ordinary cups are fairly fragile so if it is dropped on a hard surface, it is then likely to break. If it is looked after very well and isn’t treated with disrespect then there is no reason why it shouldn’t last forever. On the other hand plastic cups are not fragile so if they are dropped on the floor it is guaranteed not to break.

Cups and mugs are as safe as can be. There aren’t any loose bits that can be swallowed or choked on. Before they are sold they must be checked for sharp edges’ if it is hygienic to drink out of or if the handle is strong enough to hold what ever is in the cup. These are just some obvious checks of many others. These mugs are made to last for a lift time, however other cups, which are disposable, can be used but then must be thrown away after use which then may be recycled. These are normally found in large numbers. This works out to be more expensive then an ordinary cup.

These cups and mugs which are made from clay are environmentally friendly and don’t need batteries or any form of fuel to operate it. All you need is a hand, a drink and a mouth. Cups and mugs vary in price depending on where it is bought. All mugs and cups are more or less the same size. The reason why they vary in price is either because of the shape, colour, design or the kind of clay used. A set of six mugs or cups vary from about 6 to 3 see the product: visual analysis (cont) different places charge different amounts. On average a cup or a set of cups I think they are value for money as they are very helpful which can save a lot of hassle, comfortable to use and can last for a lift time.