The purpose for this extended Fiscal Year

The purpose for this extended Fiscal Year (“FY”) Annual Report is to review all activities from the Public Relations Department (the “Department”) for the current FY, give a brief status report of the Department, and give projections and goals for FY 2004-2005. Scope This report includes the changes that have occurred in the Department during the 2003-2004 FY, the current salary structure within the Department, as well as the total budget for the Department. Then, the report documents the goals for FY 2003-2004 and how they were met and the projects completed for the FY.

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Finally, the report includes the projections for the Department and lists the projects currently in the books for FY 2004-2005. The most significant changes in the Department for FY 2003-2004 have occurred in Human Resources. Three members of the Department have resigned over the course of the FY. The positions vacated in the Department were Project Manager, Administrative Assistant I, and Copy Writer I. To fill these positions we hired one new employee in the position of Project Manager and divided the work of the other two positions among the current members.

During this change within the Department we also realized a need to change the job titles of many of the current members (see Appendix A). The Department accomplished the goals mentioned above during the FY by continuing to partner with tradition rich events that promote the well being of the animals involved. Some of the events include the Alaskan Iditarod, the American Kennel Club Dog Show, and the Cat Fanciers Association Show. All of these events helped to increase sales for the FY. Even though the Department has fewer employees at the end of the FY, productivity has increased greatly.

The Department works very well together and some of the employees that resigned had not been pulling their weight of late. The new streamlined workflow accompanied with new job classifications has helped greatly in employee moral and should also help with employee retention. Overall FY 2003-2004 was very productive for the Department. The Department decreased overall salaries for the next year while increasing productivity. Our partnerships with well-known events have helped to bring increasing amounts of exposure for the Corporation and this should only increase in the future.

All goals set within the Department were met on time and under budget. By maintain strong relationships with our current partners and improving on last FY’s processes the Department should be able to meet and exceed this FY’s goals. A comprehensive search for a complementary event/corporate partner that has the same goals as the MacGregor Corporation will begin immediately. Recommendations As mentioned in the goals section of this report, the main difference in FY 2004-2005’s plan will be to gain another partner for a high visibility event.

These types of collaborations have been very successful in the past and the Department feels that with more exposure on a national scale all our marketing efforts will be better received by our target demographics. The first target we see as a potential partner will be The Great Outdoor Games. This is a yearly two-week event featuring many different events for trained dogs. This event is televised on three different national television stations i. e. ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC. I believe a strong partnership with this event that is rapidly increasing in national popularity, will generate greater sales and positive image for MacGregor Corporation.