The recruitment of staff

The recruitment of staff is one of the most important tasks within an organisation. People are the most important benefit of any organisation and the success of that organisation depends on having people with the right skills and abilities. To make sure that the right people are recruited in the first place, a fair, structured and professional selection process must be used. The organisation makes sure that people with recruitment and selection responsibilities have the knowledge and skills they need to recruit and select people effectively.

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Bad selection decisions can result in increased staff turnover, increased costs for the organisation, the lowering of morale amongst the existing staff. One of the areas that causes the most concern when recruiting new staff is the volume and difficulty of legislation governing recruitment and employment issues. An employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that no discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief occurs during the Recruitment and Selection process.

Equality of opportunity must be an essential part of the recruitment and selection process. Discrimination In an organisation it is important that the selecting committee are very aware of which kind of discriminations can arise. There are different types of discriminations which of two are direct and indirect discrimination . Direct is when an employer rejects an applicant solely on the grounds of race, sex, marital status or disability.

Therefore, refusing someone with the skills, knowledge and ability to do a job because they are black, or because they are a woman, or because they have a disability, or because they are married, is direct discrimination and unlawful. Indirect is more faint and can be either intentional or unintentional. It occurs when an employer specifies a requirement, when applied to all applicants has a greater unfavourable impact on one group (women, men, married people, blacks, whites, disabled, etc.

) than another, and the employer cannot reasonably justify it. Marks and Spencer is one that values it’s equal opportunity as they say, they are one that promotes an environment free from discrimination. This a company that endorses it’s community and the public for it to be a such well recognised organisation. Planning the recruitment process A very good well worked recruitment and selection process demands good planning, this then allows an organisation to show a professional image to applicants.

A vacancy may arise as a result of a resignation, the creation of a new post or confirmation of extended leave (e. g. maternity and career break). This then allows a job description and a person specification to be made that state the requirements of the jobs to be made. All recruitment process begin with these two aspects, I think that these two points should be altered in different ways. Instead of the organisation setting out requirements, they should ask to their candidates what can they bring to the organisation or their expertise.

If their capability could benefit the firm in a certain part of the sectors of the organisation then this will bring a more different approach then requirements being set out. The things that might be included in a job description is it describes the range of duties, overall purpose of the job, key tasks and reporting relationships. It describes the job, not the person in it. In a person specification it is a list of the skills, abilities, experience, knowledge, qualifications and attributes that a person must possess to undertake a specific job to the standard required.

These are the requirements that arise when a vacancy is up. Advertisement This part of the process is when the organisation advertises a vacant post or an opportunity by using different ways or strategies of advertising. They design it to ensure it attracts suitable candidates only and also to enhance the public image of the organisation. When advertising for a job, a poor judgement on designing it can attract the wrong applicant and twist the number of applications received.

As advertising is an important part of the process equal opportunity plays a big part in it, it enables the candidates to make an informed decision about whether or not to apply for the post, therefore reducing the likelihood of large numbers of applications from clearly unsuitable candidates. All organisation should include in the advertisement state ting of commitment to equal opportunities. Selecting panel There should always be an appropriate gender representing within a panel and account should be taken if members of the panel have personal knowledge of any of the applicants for it to be fair.

Managerial professionalism is required, those serving on appointment panels should have undergone training in recruitment and selection interviewing skills and possess knowledge of the relevant employment legislation and equal opportunities issues. These elements are so key as again it can lead to recruiting the wrong applicant due to bad judgemental of the selecting panel. Certain tasks are set to the candidates like tests to assess them to see if they are right for the job. I oppose some these tests that are carried out as they don’t implement on the job that is applied for.